UserExpert for Intercom

Schedule user interviews without the hassle

Doing customer discovery or running a usability study? UserExpert for Intercom takes the pain out of recruiting and scheduling users interviews.

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm the maker of this product. First off, thanks @alexpedi for hunting it! Small backstory: I started building this product nights and weekends before quitting my full-time job last month. Having become a new dad recently, I can tell you how difficult juggling a full-time and side gig plus parenting ended up becoming. Anyways, since quitting my full-time job, I've been heads down iterating on it. Couldn't be happier as I'm being continuously challenged and learning new skills. Anyways, this product addresses a real pain-point I as well as lots of others face when designing/prioritizing/building a new feature or product, specifically wanting to get real feedback by talking to current or prospective users in-person or remote. As @alexpedi rightly calls out, the current process of scheduling time to talk with them requires a lot of manual work: direct emailing, back and forth scheduling of time slots, remembering to send reminders, etc. In its first release, this product automates all of this for you so that you don't have to do it. Not only does it save you a ton of time but should also make it easier for you to have more regular conversations with your users. It works as an Intercom messenger app currently. Hope folks will give it a try and give me feedback. Recruiting and scheduling over email is also available as a beta here: Thanks, Krishna
@alexpedi @krishna_nr Hi Krishna, Wish you all the best for your new journey. Do let me know if you need any help in identifying the companies using Intercom. can help you identify the relevant companies and reach out to the decision maker in those companies πŸ˜„

I used to spend hours setting up user interviews. From emailing customers who might be interested, going back-and-forth setting up a time, and then worrying if they would show up. UserExpert allows you to target customers who match your criteria and allows them to schedule time on their own. This is great for anyone that wants to have regular conversations with their customers.


UserExpert solves a very real pain for product managers and designers. This helps to save significant time when setting up interviews.


Right now looks like its only available for Intercom messenger.

First off, congrats on taking the leap (once again). I can see how this will save hours lost in identifying and scheduling user studies/customer interviews. I'm especially excited about cutting down on the back and forth and having reminders. I will be trying it out.
@vinthanedar thanks Vineet. Excited for you to try it out and for your feedback!