Visual behavior and retention analytics, based on Keen IO

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"Future breakthrough insights come from the actions of users in the past." This has been the grand challenge we set out to solve when we first started this project. @Rywalker and team have made significant progress in simplifying the process through powerful visualizations... I'm stoked :)
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This is a fantastic team and product. Everyone in Product Management should be a user of USERcycle.
USERcycle is a product I used to work on 2-3 years back - back then we've struggled to find a place in the quite dense analytics space. @rywalker and his team have since taken over, and repositioned the product around simple, visual analytics for retention and (their newest thing) behavior flow - all based on your Keen IO data. They're giving early access to Product Hunters for the behaviour flow feature (Demo) - to use it just register a normal account, and then drop in your email to get instructions for the behaviour flow: Excited to see where this project keeps going :)
@lukasfittl Thanks for posting, Lukas — we'll be around all day to answer any questions. A few years ago, a lot of excitement emerged around cohort analysis. We couldn't find any products that have automated the production of these visualizations. So we said "It's about time someone did." Do you have user visualizations that you're still cranking out by hand, that you'd love to see automated? Reach out to us and share what you're doing, maybe we can work together to get some work off your plate :)
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I love the way you guys transformed a Rails app to something that uses Meteor.js and polymer! As someone who has seen the product in various stages, this is some great progress. I know this is something I am going to need once I build a SaaS app, just not right now :)
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