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#3 Product of the DayApril 14, 2019
UserBuddy is a simple tool that lets you check the availability of your favorite username almost instantly across 50+ social media platforms.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Great & very useful website! 👍 Here are just some quick thoughts for improvements in the future: - it would be cool to have a "fast"-option which just checks the top 5 to 10 sites - it would be great if you'd make the "doesn't exist" results more readable
@anthemaker Thanks for the feedback!
Congratulations Vlad on the launch! Is very to use UserBuddy. I just type the username i want and in less then 1 minute the search does for me and the results is shown. Well done for making this amazing simple tool!
@vlad_arts you're most welcome Vlad!
As @anthemaker noted, I think the doesn’t exist format should change. Maybe remove the strike through on all entries. Unknown could remain in red, doesn’t exist could change to green. And maybe change the wording for doesn’t exist to available.
@alexsmacd Great ideas, thanks for the feedback!
Great idea and very cool implementation :)
@hovo_evans Thank you 😁

Maybe adding some other cool features


Clean & fast


Its just great