Run remote user tests on prototypes built in InVision, Figma, AdobeXD, etc. or test any public URL - no coding required. Target real users from our panel of over 30.000 Userbrain participants and get your first results in a few hours.
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This is a neat idea. Most user testing products like Peek by UserTesting are often used on a one off basis for redesigns or new feature development. While that's arguably a stronger use case, the concept of recurring user testing is compelling because it automates the process and forces makers to continually get in-depth usability feedback.
@rrhoover You're absolutely right! And on top of it, user feedback becomes something natural, something you get used to, something you no longer reject.
@rrhoover Has there been a collection or hunt for user testing/feedback tools yet?
@basche42 I don't think so! Someone should create one. 😉
@basche42 @rrhoover got one started here: Feel free to send me more suggestions. (ps: the new "related products" feature made putting this collection together super easy...well done PH team)
@rrhoover Automation is the key word there! My team is in build-mode at the moment to solve this problem space for mobile. Today's solutions either require expensive UX researchers or non-adequate tool sets.
Not only is usability testing still way too expensive to be done on a regular basis, it’s also impractical to watch hours and hours of videos, before you get actionable results. As an UX agency, we needed a usability tool for solving our own problems. One that is easier, faster and cheaper then current tools and services. A tool that seamlessly integrates continuous user-testing in your workflow. We haven't found anything like that out there on the market. That’s why we decided building our own. Would love your feedback especially on the idea of integrating weekly, continuos user-feedback in your workflow.
@gabelfisch Feedback: Haven't gotten into the product very deeply just yet (so excuse me if this already exists) but I would like to be able to select the type of user (demo) testing my site or at the very least be able to invite users. I would look for feedback from people that fit my user base just not any feedback as I've noticed different types of users behave radically different on the sites I've worked on.
@gabelfisch @ulisesorozco I was just about to comment on being able to qualify the tester in some fashion. If I have a website targeted to parents, it likely wouldn't help much if a teenage user were giving feedback. Also, it's not clear whether each week the feedback is from different testers or if the tester may be repeated.
@ulisesorozco Hi Ulises, thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Yes, there is a (reasonable) demand from you guys to target specific users based on demographics (or inviting your own). We got this topic a couple of times now and we will definitely find a solution for this.
@ulisesorozco @ziinko Thanks Ziink, we'll definitely add some sort of targeting in the near feature. Out of interest: Would you also be interested in providing your own testers, just like Ulises proposed in the comments? Regarding different testers: Yes, of course you'll get new first time users for your site each week. But thanks a lot for the hint on this one, we definitely need to communicate this feature better on the site…
@gabelfisch I'm not at a point where I need testing but I do think Userbrain is a useful service and I may use it in the future. To answer your question though, no, I don't think I'd be interested in providing my own testers.
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Getting raw, unfiltered feedback about your product is tough. This seems like the perfect solution. I'm excited for our team to use it.
@chrisfranco Thanks a lot, Chris! Would love that you keep me updated about your plans with Userbrain. :)