Talking to your users shouldn't be as hard as it is. User Interviews Research Hub streamlines the process of inviting and scheduling your own users for product & design research, so you can focus on getting the feedback you need.

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I've used User Interviews to help recruit and qualify research participants before, and the speed and ease is remarkable. The addition of Research Hub to manage your existing universe of test participants is super smart. Cuts down on the spreadsheets of power user email addresses and custom-built beta sign up flows.
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Hey everyone, excited to be here! We built Research Hub to help product, UX, and marketing teams build a sustainable user research system. From our own research, we saw that the typical status quo involves cobbling together lots of tools and spreadsheets to organize a single session with a user. It's time consuming and tedious. Research Hub is built to simplify that process, so you can spend more time talking to users. With Research Hub, you can: - build custom lists of research candidates - invite your own users (or ours) to any type of research study - create custom screening surveys - automate scheduling - automate payment - and more @jhforster and I will be around throughout the day to answer any questions!
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@dmenggg Looking forward to it!
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The video is so interesting! Agree with that we are just spin the wheel to decide our features, if there's no users' support.
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@nowonderg And it's so easy to get user input. There's no excuse :) Thanks for your comment.
Good to see this platform continue to grow! When recruiting participants do you provide international location based recruiting? I'm particularly interested in Canada-based and Asia-based participants.
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@alirtariq Hi! We can cover US and Canada!
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