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Lookback and User Interviews have joined forces to bring you a seamless research experience.

  • Paulette Ensign
    Paulette Ensignconsultant - business owner

    Good products, good payments


    Have more participant opportunities

    User Interviews lands great client product review opportunities. Each of the few interviews I've done have been interesting and from top-quality companies. Plus User Interviews generally pays pretty well for these reviews.

    Paulette Ensign has used this product for one month.
  • Jennifer Siano
    Jennifer SianoDirector, Siano Child Development

    Easy to use



    Love user interviews!!

    Jennifer Siano has used this product for one year.
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David Cancel
David CancelHunterHiring@dcancel
Excited about these two UX research tools partnering to provide a simple experience for gathering feedback from users. You can recruit any niche audience (b2b or b2c) with User Interviews. Then record their feedback with Lookback (in-person, remote, or unmoderated). If you sign up today you will get 3 free participants in your first study.
Dennis Meng
Dennis MengMaker@dmenggg · Co-founder, User Interviews
Thanks for hunting us @dcancel! Hey everyone, At User Interviews, we're obsessed with making it easier for companies to gather feedback from their users. We've approached that problem from the angle of helping companies find the right participants for their studies. Since we launched 2 years ago, we've helped thousands of product managers & UX designers recruit targeted B2B & B2C audiences for customer interviews & usability studies. We've been fans of Lookback for ages. In my opinion, their platform is the best UX research tool out there. That's why it was a no brainer for us to partner with them to streamline the handoff between (a) recruiting users and (b) running your study. For a limited time, if you sign up to use User Interviews and Lookback together, we'll recruit your first 3 participants for free (participant incentive not included). I'll be around for a while, so leave a comment if you have any questions!
John Alexander
John Alexander@johnalxndr · Growth @ shoflo
@dcancel @dmenggg Interested in this however the site doesn't share much about features... any videos I could take a peek at?
Dennis Meng
Dennis MengMaker@dmenggg · Co-founder, User Interviews
@johnalxndr unfortunately we don't have any videos on our site. Lookback has some screenshots & a short video on their home page: If you're interested in a full demo, email me at