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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2016
Make better, faster product decisions with seamless participant recruitment and management. User Interviews is a platform for seamless recruiting of participants for product feedback
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Hey everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of User Interviews. We stumbled upon the idea for User Interviews by accident - after spending hours / days / weeks scheduling customer development interviews for products we were building. We thought it should be easier to find participants for market / product research, so we built a tool to manage the process. User Interviews finds, vets, and schedules participants for you, so all you need to do is figure out what questions you have. Would love any questions or feedback. Thanks for checking us out!
Also - we were planning to launch our blog later this week, but I guess today is as good a day as any to share it. We're hoping to share the lessons we're learning as we try to survive & scale. Our first post is titled "How the 'Lean Startup' Took Us from Failure to 50 Paying Clients" Check it out if you're interested!
This looks really insightful and solving a true problem! Really awesome Platform! ๐Ÿ™Œ
@as_austin thanks Austin!
@dmenggg A few things come to mind immediately. ( I look at a ton of apps btw, so I'm commenting to try to understand how you thought about building this.) 1/ What problem does this solve that isn't already solved? (See below) 2/ Doesn't this play right into the notion of Hawthorne Effect really aggressively? (User's biased from the start) 3/ Is this product mostly useful for just large companies? (I see no small startups on the list.) Noticed these similar players, what makes this different? Looked at the customer logos on the page, and I don't see any killer product companies. Might be a good move to change it. On a side note, your landing page is well done with the FAQ at the bottom. Godspeed.
@datarade Hey Kumar, thanks for the questions. My answers below: 1) There are definitely a lot of companies out there that are trying to make it easier for companies to collect feedback from users. You put together a pretty great list, which includes some companies that even I wasn't familiar with. But "collecting feedback from users" is a pretty big space. User Testing's bread & butter is providing self-narrated usability test videos. Usabilla adds survey widgets to apps and websites. Some of the other companies you listed offer written pieces of feedback. So it's hard to say that these different approaches have all "solved this problem." The problem that we're solving is the pain of setting up moderated user research sessions (sessions that involve the researcher asking the participant questions in real-time). This is a pain point that isn't addressed at all by most of the products you listed. 2) Yes - the Hawthorne Effect is definitely a concern; however, that concern is not unique to our product. The entire user research field is subject to participant bias. It's the researcher's job to try and minimize the effect of that bias on their study, regardless of what tool they're using. 3) We work with a mix of large companies and small companies. The logos we chose for our website were just a few of the logos that we thought would be the most recognizable (+ MobileSuites, which was the name of my previous, failed startup. My co-founders and I thought that including our old logo would be a nice inside joke. Now all of you are in on it too).
@dmenggg fair enough. How do you envision growing User Interviews to be big, like really big? What do you see that others in your space are blind to? / don't have enough experience with?
@datarade Hey Kumar. Lots of possibilities when it comes to growing User Interviews to be really big. One option is getting more involved with the user testing process itself. Not set on any 1 direction yet. We're trying to avoid getting caught up in delusions of grandeur ;)
Maybe I will try giving this a shot for the product I am working on
@anandp29 Please do! I'd love to hear your feedback if you get a chance to try it out.
I really like the concept and the product but some caveat : 1. It seems that it focuses too much on the buyer side of the equation, i.e it's buying time/knowledge from the participants but it does not give participants enough attention so far. There's no question about whether I use android or Iphone, whether I want to focus on some specific genre of app or not, no interest in knowing what kind of 'user interviews' I'd want to give. Basically, it's like just asking for a 'generic' user which does not give early users the sort of respect they deserve. Early adopters are hard to find anyways and even Product Hunt community took time to grow. Companies can add new question, but users can't add more demographic information or background. 2. Should there be some sort of discuss feature that would let participants review the companies they have worked with so far? If participants can endorse the companies they have worked with so far that A) they pay properly, B)their conduct is good etc it should be helpful before choosing. 3. It does not take background information of participants into account and does not think about questions like "Are all user interviews worth same?" or not. Clearly some participants will be way more valuable than others because of their insights or experience. I feel getting some people who are really good in user research in the team would be valuable too because companies may not know how to handle proper interviews.
@xenocide15 curious what other types of segments/targeting you would want? Full disclosure, my company has some overlap w/ User Interview...
@usersready I'm not into giving user feedback much so I can't say with that much confidence. I liked this product more because it's creating a market place so far which I feel could have been improved. Also, I checked out Usersready and I feel the price is way too high, I'm not even sure if you guys are just showing a landing page or not. All in all, not into that. And I'm really not a true believer of product differentiation. Something 'new' is more catchy to me.