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Uselio lets you automatically generate hundreds of targeted leads & emails so you can connect with the people that matter for your business. With the industry's lowest price and biggest people database, it's the most powerful prospecting/leadgen tool ever created.

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Hey hunters! I'm Naeem, the co-founder of Uselio - super proud to be share a project I've been working on lately. Also wanted to throw a big shoutout to Nichole for hunting us and supporting our launch. Uselio is a platform for generating tons of leads quickly and affordably. Enter any search criteria & how many leads you want, our AI-powered tool will automatically send you a list of VERIFIED leads & email addresses. Our leads come from a variety of data sources: scraped from around the web, or shared from some of our data partners - altogether, we have a searchable database of over 350 million people! It's incredibly flexible and very affordable - we're by far the cheapest option on the market (less than 10 cents a lead), and our lead quality & quantity is among the very best. Our verified email deliverability is over 97%. You can get started for as low as $5 and cancel any time. Please let me know what you think! Happy to extend a ProductHunt discount of 15% on your first month of any of our plans, just hit us up on Intercom. ๐Ÿš€ P.S. 1 click might be a slight exaggeration - more like 4 clicks ๐Ÿ˜…
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@heynaeem Congratulation it's a nice product and indeed very affordable. In your post you've mentioned it's a AI-powered tool. Could you explain how you've applied Artificial Intelligence behind?
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@aleksandergora Good question Aleksander - the AI right now is essentially a relatively simple learning system that refines our searches. One of the challenges prospecting tools face is that the search queries often give inaccurate results - so, we've trained an AI to deliver predictably better search queries than you'd get by default :)
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@heynaeem I think it would be very interesting for your targeted audience to know more about your AI "learning process". It's an information bias. Does the learning process start when the user is defining basic search criteria? Is your algorithm creates a more sophisticated search profile based on initial factors defined by your user? I guess it's not just a simple match between the search criteria against your database of over 350 million people.
@aleksandergora "Is your algorithm creates a more sophisticated search profile based on initial factors defined by your user" That's exactly it! The search profile you submit isn't exactly what you get back - instead, the AI is trained to "improve" the search criteria to give you better results based on what it's learned from being trained on prior, successful search queries.
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@heynaeem very sexy stuff :)
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Very useful and surprisingly affordable!
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Definitely worth a try with such an affordable price. Good job @heynaeem!
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Great stuff - good job @heynaeem
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Is there guarantee on accuracy of data? Any trial credits for early adopters?
Email from the founder: We don't offer any guarantees of the quality since the leads are scraped and our costs are so low - by and large we generally have an 80-90% accuracy rate, though it differs across industries.