Improve your meetings! A simple tool to get meeting feedback

A simple web application that allows you to get anonymous feedback on your meetings. Simply create a new survey, send the URL out to your team, and get your meetings reviewed.
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Not sure if people will spend extra time on giving feedback, great idea though
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@shruti_kapoor Thanks! I know there are times when I'm in a meeting that feels completely useless and I wish I could provide feedback for it, but for the most part I'd agree with your sentiment that I probably wouldn't bother giving feedback on like 50-70% of the meetings I attend.
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@chad_mckenna It's just like filling a survey :)
We have all been caught in the trap of attending a poorly run meeting that have been thoughtlessly sent out to everyone to achieve an ill defined task. It can waste our time and feel soul-sucking. This app aims to give meeting organizers a chance to get reviews on the meetings they host so they can be more successful in scheduling future meetings. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Nice concept - I would really like to use it in our remote team. However, what additional features does this offer compared to an anonymous form?
@hrishikesh1990 First off, thanks for taking a look at my product! At this point, the real differentiation between my product and a simple form would be ease of use and simplicity. There other features I would like to add like a timeline for meeting organizers that show if their meetings are improving or not, maybe custom questions, and better metrics. But my goal for this first release was something simple to start gathering feedback.
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Fast and simple, which is great. I will use it for a real meeting on Monday :) As for the things to improve, it is not super easy and comfortable to evaluate the feedback on the meeting just by looking at the position of a blue dot on the slider. It would be much better to have '1 to 10' / '1 to 5' scores. Also, a possibility to add my own questions is a must.
@ihor_levenets1 I’m happy to hear you want to use this for a real meeting, I would love to hear any feedback you have after Monday, too! Yeah, I think that might be the next thing I want to add is a scale on the review page with the average scores, especially since I give values for the true/false style questions. Hopefully I’ll have a little time this weekend add a few things. I really want to add the ability to customize the questions, I think that would be very useful. I shipped the first version to get my idea out there in its absolute simplest form and start gathering feedback. In the next version, I think there would be a login and a way to keep track of your different meetings and see how they’re improving over time, allow the ability to customize the forms, and improve the metrics too.
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@chad_mckenna I think it's a great roadmap, good luck!
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@ihor_levenets1 I added the scores on the Meeting Review page so it's easier to parse. By chance, how many other questions would you like to add to a survey?
@chad_mckenna well, not sure about the number of questions. But a possibility to add an unlimited number seems to be obvious, isn't it? Also, one should be able to delete the existing questions too. Thanks for adding scores! It's now really much easier. And I tested it today in a real meeting, everything's cool. The only thing which I noticed is important to add is the general number of answers. I sent the form to my team members, but after a few hours, I wasn't sure if all of them had completed it. So the number of answers is needed to be sure that all the answers are collected.
@ihor_levenets1 Thanks for trying it for a real world scenario! I went ahead and added a counter to the top of the review page so you can see how many reviews you have received for each. I've been thinking about having a generic template of questions that a user could select from or add their own, that way the user could send it out with the default list of questions really quickly or they could pick the ones that make sense for their meeting and even add their own if they want specific feedback.