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Would love to try out, however, there are some issues. Upon completing signup form, I'm redirected to a login page. The signup form didn't include username or password, and I get no email. Also, the login page reverts to displaying Turkish text.
@vinnie_termini Hi Vinnie! The redirections are resolved. Thanks for the notification! The signup form doesn't ask for a password; since the system automatically generates a password for you, which is sent in your activation email and can be changed from your account settings. For the email that you haven't receive, please check your spam and junk boxes. Sometimes even the best emails land in there unfortunately :)
This tool looks great. I love the inboxverify feature which lets me import user subscriptions so the system can automatically analyze the list and guess how many hard bounce email address. And it's free? Sounds like an awesome way to optimize my email lists !
Is it possible to increase the subscribers limit? I have more than 3000 subscribers. When compared to other competitors pricing is too high.
@naveenkumar Hi NaveenKumar, One size doesn't fit all. You can always contact UseINBOX for a tailor-made offer.
Looks really neat. Might be a cool alternative to MailChimp, but if it isn't a supported integration for Sumo, I probably will wait.
@mitchz Hi Mitch! INBOX uses API. So basically you can integrate it with almost everyting :)