One new React Hook recipe every day

Hooks are a new feature proposal for React that lets you use state and other React features without writing a class. useHooks brings you one new React Hook code recipe per day. The goal is to help people understand how hooks work and to feel more comfortable writing their own rather than rely on npm.

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@gabe_ragland I suggest you collect interested developers email-id and send them a mail. People will forget to visit it daily.
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@prakis Here's a Mailchimp signup form to subscribe to our daily email: Will add a signup options on the website soon!
@gabe_ragland One thing I realized with my previous PH launchs is, you get max users on the launch day. I suggest you do it right away, you can quickly collect user emails with or with Netlify forms.
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@prakis Okay an email signup option is now on Thanks for the suggestion!
Congrats on the launch! Yesterday I saw a tweet from @dan_abramov about this exact problem. I'm building something similar but not bound to hooks, would you like me to add (and mention) some of your recipes too?
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@hypervillain useHooks was inspired by @dan_abramov tweet as well πŸ˜„ And sure feel free to link to my site or any of the recipes. Would love to check out what you're working on when ready.
Hey Product Hunt Community! If you're a React developer you might of heard about a new React feature proposal called Hooks that allow you to use state and fire off side effects without writing a class. I thought I'd whip up a simple website that helps people understand how the feature works through daily code examples. Hooks seem a little weird at first but after a weekend of playing around with them I'm already hooked (pun intended). Hope you like the site! Feel free to suggest any features you'd like to see or ideas for Hooks that I should post.