An animated icon library for your projects

#5 Product of the WeekMay 28, 2019
Animated icons (micro-animations) in Lottie Framework and After Effects for immediate implementation to your apps or websites. Download fo FREE! 🎁
  • Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière
    Tibo Vincent-DucimetièreFuture Creatives Product Manager @Voodoo

    Really cool animations!


    Maybe give the user a small step-by-step tutorial to explain how to integrate them on your website?

    Also not a lot of animations yet but a handful of useful ones. This is great work!

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  • austin faure
    austin faureSoftware developer

    Super well designed, light weight and easy to implement



    Stoked to have this as a new go-to resource for any dev project.

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Hello, Product Hunt! I am so proud of launching my second project for anyone who codes website, mobile apps or just makes cool designs. I have created some micro-animations for you which are based on Feather icons. So feel free to use them as you want, either for your personal or commercial projects. I am constantly adding new animations every week to the library. So if you have any special request for a specific icon, let me know in the comment. I hope you will like it and if you do, I would love to hear your feedback! 😊
@patriksvob Love this idea!! Great work. I will be trying these out on our site.
@austin_faure It's great to hear that! Let me know after you will use it.
Loved the hamburger menu finally living up to its name. Nice work!
Really nice work @patriksvob, I'll definitely try it out on some of my side projects :))
@phung_cz Cool! Let me know after you will use it 😉 I would like to see it on your side projects.
this is very helpful and easy to use
Congrats @patriksvob ! Awesome product. Good luck to you
@eulerr Thank you Denis!