USE Together

Collaborative screen sharing with multiple mouse cursors

#4 Product of the DayJuly 24, 2017

USE Together is a collaborative screen sharing solution with multiple mouse cursors support and easy web access. Invite your teams, partners or friends on your screen, they have their own mouse cursors and they can interact with your apps in real time and remotely as if you were all gathered around the same desktop. Available on Windows and MacOS!

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Hey Product Hunters, First, many thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us and to @bramk for the initial opportunity! I'm Julien, CTO at OPEXMedia. We are super excited to present our collaborative screen sharing solution, USE Together, to you Product Hunt community :) Initially thought for healthcare professionals to comment images and get advices from their colleagues in real time, we have seen many other potential use cases for USE Together like easy remote working, project reviewing, co-designing on Illustrator, fixing some Powerpoint presentations or simply pair programming as we even used the solution to develop it and to do code reviewing (then an infinite loop occured)! So what makes USE Together perfect to get work done quickly: when you invite people on your screen, they all get their own mouse cursor appearing on it and can interact with your apps and data in real time, making you feel you are no more alone on your desktop! We have made it super easy to join a screen sharing session, from a simple web browser (Chrome and Firefox supported for now) without installing any software nor any plugin. We have also implemented hardware encoding (NVIDIA GPUs supported) to bring you a fast, low latency screen sharing experience as if you were physically in front of the screen. USE Together is available right now, as a free beta opened to all! You can share a Windows desktop (Mac and Linux support coming later) with 2 people. But just for you PH folks, I'll upgrade your account if you want to invite more people on your screen, just contact me at or on Twitter :) I'll stay around to answer any question you might have and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
@jlehuraux This looks promising. Any ETA on the MacOS release?
@jlehuraux I love this entire idea of having multiple cursors at the same time. I have never seen anything like this so in my opinion, it will definitely be superior to most apps like AnyDesk. Looking forward to the future of USE. :)
Thanks @amvlad! We don't have any ETA yet for the Mac release but be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we will let you know ;)
Thank you @itsmidnightyo! We've thought USE Together for super easy collaboration on any app available on your desktop, from a simple web browser and with privacy preserved as a P2P connection is made between the shared machine and the web browser, thanks to WebRTC :)
@amvlad @jlehuraux Subscribe? Why don't you tell the media outlets such as prMac, MacObserver, Macintouch, Macworld, tidBits and so on about your product and it will just appear in all my news feeds?
Finally a return of Screenhero's best feature! Thanks for creating this!
@heliostatic USE Together is similar to ScreenHero and Amazon Chime feature but with easy access to a screen sharing session from a web browser (without installing anything) and way faster (hardware acceleration if you have a NVIDIA GPU) ^^ Plus, we have made it session persistent (Windows sessions), perfect for Virtual Machines and remote working :)
Not seen something like this before. Very interesting for collaboration and screen sharing.
Indeed @theashtube, USE Together is the first collaborative screen sharing solution with multiple mouse cursors support and accessible from a simple web browser without downloading anything. Only the one who shares his screen has to download a software (USE Engine) so he can see the actual mouse cursors and deliver a super fast screen sharing experience.
Looks great! I'll keep my eye out for the MacOS release.
Thanks @shaynbaron ^^ don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter so you'll know when it's out.
@shaynbaron Good news! USE Together for MacOS imminent availability ⚡️⚡️⚡️ join us on our upcoming to get an early access!
i am wondering how different it is from teamviewer
@thenosh, Teamviewer analyzes your usage so they know if you use their product commercially, that means your data privacy is not preserved! A peer to peer connection is made on USE Together: only the screen sharer and the guest accessing a screen know what's going on it, there's no data flowing through our servers, except when you have a restrictive firewall / NAT config. but even then, we cannot decrypt anything! Furthermore, USE Together enables you to join a screen sharing session from a simple web browser without downloading anything, each guest has his own mouse cursor on the screen and it's way faster :)