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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting Hans! Hey everyone! I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Brainitch - Creator of HANS℠ (Helpful Automated Nexus System). Create private polls and 1 on 1 focus groups in Facebook Messenger to get feedback you can call your own. Demo: HANS℠ is not a chatbot, but an AI in training on a mission to develop a culture of honesty and goodwill. Unlike traditional market research tools — HANS℠ is affordable and eliminates cognitive biases like observer, public arena, and groupthink. Most of the feedback you rely on today comes from extroverts, so HANS℠ provides a safe space for introverts to express themselves and gives you an edge in a crowded marketplace. (Steve Wozniak would approve) If you admire honesty, you’ll support HANS℠! Stay updated on the latest use cases and learn more about our methodologies in our FB Group: We are just getting started and look forward to hearing your feedback to make HANS℠ the best research tool you can use every day. ❤️ Team HANS℠
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I met @toddterrazas at F8 this year — both he and HANS are definitely somethings to behold. 👌
@chrismessina ❤️ -- been following you for some time. It was great to finally meet you in the flesh at F8 and an honor to have you hunt my brainchild. Let's see what the public thinks.
@chrismessina @toddterrazas agree - fantastic product and team
Bots for research? Heck yeah! Another great conversational product built in LA - a rising tide lifts all bots
@arieljalali Thanks Ariel! LA in da house :)
I met @toddterrazas at F8 this year, and I loved his project right away. Great product if you want to get feedback from your community :) Keep up the good work ! ❤️ from Paris
@pedward_lieb It was awesome meeting you at F8... I'm still coming to Paris in October... right?
@toddterrazas We're waiting for you ;)
Love the design of the landing page it reminds me of The Simpsons. By only reading the headline I had no idea what the purpose for Hans was. Watching the video helped me understand what your mission is. No product is for everyone. Is it a Research tool for Entreprenurs, Makers, Marketers, Bloggers, CEOs, Writers, Students, etc.? Dope Product🚬🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks! We put a lot of thought into our design. Hans is a 'Research tool for everyone' because he can be easily used within Messenger and is currently free. But I see your point... We have seen that the best use cases are when creatives need to flush out their ideas and work on discovery before pitching. Because Hans allows you to upload multiple types of media it works great for content distributors who need to test out titles, previews, and marketing materials before investing in an expensive campaign or a wide release of their film.
@dredurr BTW - if you wanna see even sexier design check out HANS' parent site: