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USDX Wallet is a highly secured blockchain wallet featuring USDX stablecoin. Pegged to the U.S. Dollar at a 1:1 ratio, USDX is useful as a means of payment, exchange and savings.
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@n_lynx, Here's my detailed review on !USDX Wallet: Pros in details: • Interface: Rather than the boring always-white interface, USDX wallet has colorful UI. • Wallet Username: Unlike regular, traditional lengthy and complicated wallet addresses, USDX has a feature to set a username—easy to remember. • Easy Buy: USDX wallet has partnered with Coingate, allowing buying USDX & LHT with BTC and tons of other Altcoins. • Quick Send: The wallet app syncs with the phones’ contacts, and it makes easy to do transfer with the phone number or just names! • Fee-free transactions: Transactions between USDX accounts are fee-free. Awesome. • Speed: With the combined speed of Visa and MasterCard, transactions on USDX are fast as light. • LHT & USDX Combo: The swapping between LHT & USDX is instant and with 0 fees within the app. Moreover, as LHT coin is built in a sense that the price of LHT goes up when the bear market prevails, USDX being a stable coin, users can swap between LHT & USDX within the app to get higher ROI. • Bio-metric Login Support: Not most of the wallets support bio-metric support, but USDX. USDX wallet utilizes the phones’ bio-metric security to login and verifies the transactions. • Bot Support: The 24/7 USDX Assistant Bot is always there to guide and help. Cons in details: • UI: Doesn’t adapt to the “full-screen app” settings on Galaxy Note series, leaving a white bar down at the bottom. • Profile: Since we already set with friendly usernames, setting up a profile with desired profile picture and details should also be allowed. Setting up a profile can be made optional so that users can maintain anonymity if they wish. • Multiplatform Availability: The wallet lacks a web app and a desktop app, which most of the wallet apps these days don’t ignore. • Facebook & e-mail Support: The support via Facebook and e-mail seems to be little off, takes an hour to a day to respond! USDX wallet, undoubtedly, is one of the rising wallet apps with better working stablecoin principle. However, to lure users into adopting and hodl the USDX coin for better, USDX wallet could reinvent a rewarding system. The rewarding system could be something like reward USDX or LHT stakes within the app for HODLing, and later those stakes can be withdrawn via wire transfer, cryptos, or can be added as USDX or LHT balance.
@traveler Mahesh, we can't pass by your USDX Wallet review. It's so clear, detailed and thoughtful! So we want to grant you 50 USDX. To receive it please send your account name in the USDX Wallet app to Thanks!
As our CEO @andrey_peshkov says: "Limits set by today's financial institutions are embarrassing. We want to rethink money and make payments as easy as messaging. I'm sure that now is the right time." If you want to test USDX Wallet in full, you can send me your account name via the PH chat, and I'll send you an experimental transaction.
Hey, and welcome to the USDX Wallet page! Our team will be happy to answer your questions here 🙋 At the moment we are especially interested in collaborations with crypto exchanges, so feel free to contact us regarding the listing 📜.
@n_lynx when get listed in exchange ? in this month or next month
@genji_takiya1 It's an important question. Now we’re 100% focusing on listing on exchanges. The process involves us all - developers, finance pros and marketing team. We are currently negotiating with several exchanges and It can take some time because of the technical requirements of the exchanges. Once we’re listed on exchanges, we’ll announce it in our official social media and let you know here.

I've been using the Android app and it's okay. It's based on Blockchain/Cryptocurrency but the app makes it feel like it's based on traditional point system. It's like point is being transferred. Should provide txid after transaction.


* Username instead of lenghthy crypto address. * Stablecoin. * Default sim based 2FA.


* No web client. * UI can be optimized for faster and smoother navigation.

@hmlchy thank you so much for your feedback! 👍 We hope that stablecoin, supported by a handy mobile app will help USDX Wallet to thrive! We are not making a web app, as we are focusing now on mobile users. We'll consider your suggestion about adding TX id after transaction, thanks. Can you please explain this statement more detailed: "app makes it feel like it's based on traditional point system". How is the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency app different from the point based app?

Top class security, Both lht and usdx stablecoin is supported in usdx wallet


Brilliant app, elegant ui, Lightning fast transactions


No cons

Thank you so much for your support. We truly appreciate it. Please let us know how we can be of help to you!