The world's most intelligent charger ever

#5 Product of the DayNovember 01, 2015
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lots of lofty claims, sounds great but would love to see some independent third party testing
@passingnotes I agree. I'm sure testing will be done because of how extraordinary their claims are.
UsBidi is the most intelligent charger that not only doubles the charging speed on computer USB, but also automatically shuts off power completely once fully charged so you don't have to unplug. It spares your device from battery killers like heat and mini-charging-cycles, extending battery life with healthier battery and longer-lasting charges. It has additional awesome features - LED indicator showing you at-a-glance the charging status, magnetic ends for tidy hold, durable and colorful braided exterior with a variety of lengths (1, 3 or 6 Feet / 0.3, 0.9 or 1.8 Meters) to choose from. UsBidi charger is designed to work with both your phones and tablets. It is available in two versions - MFi certified Lightening version for Apple devices and Micro USB version for Android devices.
Phones have built in charging regulators, and suspend charging when topped up, or reduce to a trickle charge (and charging already slows down around 85%, to maintain battery performance). Furthermore, I've never heard of a *cable* being able to increase charging capacity, let alone double it. Given this, and the fact that this campaign was suspended by Kickstarter, I'm calling extreme BS.
@philtastic Just read the comments.. It seems fake to me...
@philtastic I have this product as well as a USB voltmeter from DROK. It does indeed cut off power to the device once the charge reaches 100%. Studies show that batteries last the longest if used down to 20% and charged up to (only) 80%. It would be great if UsBidi could do 80% instead of 100%, but it DOES work to charge to 100% and stop. Not BS. The double-charging feature does not work with a power brick according the UsBidi's directions; that feature is only available when connected to a computer's USB receptacle. I always charge with a power supply, so I can't speak to the 2X function. See MuConnect ( ) for another product which also doubles charging speed when connected to a laptop. There IS a process there MuConnect and UsBidi are using to tell the laptop to provide more current than normal to charge.
Gotta give them credit for the GIFs.
This seems to have been suspended on Kickstarter, but is now up on Indiegogo -