USB Killer

This USB drive will kill your computer πŸ’»πŸ’€

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Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Oh, this is terrible. Pro tip: never use random USB sticks you find on the streets.
Gabriel LewisΒ β€” πŸ€”
@rrhoover somebody watches Mr. Robot 😏
@rrhoover The paranoia is real now.
Matthew TsoΒ β€” β˜€Γ— πŸŒ™
how else can you find out who the unlabeled usb stick belongs to? πŸ˜‚
Tobias StruckmeierΒ β€” Software Developer
@gabriel__lewis @rrhoover it was there as prototype and in theory even before that series *just sayin*
ι«˜ζ‰‹λ†€λ¦¬λ°‘β„’Β β€” technologist. I code. digital nomad.
Need a USB condom now...
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