USB Killer

This USB drive will kill your computer 💻💀

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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Oh, this is terrible. Pro tip: never use random USB sticks you find on the streets.
Gabriel Lewis
@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
@rrhoover somebody watches Mr. Robot 😏
Sebastian Dobrincu@sebyddd · Co-Founder of Storyheap. 🔑
@rrhoover The paranoia is real now.
Matthew Tso@matthewtso · ☀× 🌙
how else can you find out who the unlabeled usb stick belongs to? 😂
Tobias Struckmeier@supertobi · Software Developer
@gabriel__lewis @rrhoover it was there as prototype and in theory even before that series *just sayin*
高手놀리밑™@nolim1t · technologist. I code. digital nomad.
Need a USB condom now...
Qaher Salahaldin@qahersalah
I know what to get my ex for her birthday :)
Build it, break it.@pointandstare · Director, Point and Stare
No need to buy this. - Load a normal USB drive with 'nefarious' code - Label it 'Staff wages' or similar - Drop in corporate car-park
Pierre LeBaux@lebaux ·
How is selling this a good idea???
Pietz Prove@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
@lebaux its about as much of a "good idea" as it is to report about anything illegal and bad going on in the world. lets assume you weren't aware of this usb specification exploit, which by the way has been around for years. well, you're aware of it now. isn't that something? at a $50 price point most people won't buy it anyway. especially because its function can be implemented with any usb stick and free to download software. ethical hacking always seems counter productive to some, but i think its needed to move forward and spread awareness.
Pierre LeBaux@lebaux ·
@gopietz your argument is weak... here is the analogy: you can make a decent bomb using only what you find in grocery store. There are plenty of DYI articles on the internet, but you will make that extra step towards ethical anti-terorrism so you make the bomb and sell it twice the price of items needed (so you are defending your position via pricing point). You will raise awareness for sure, but there that one dude that buys it and kills himself or someone. And my question is, was this ethical? The answer is the same with your USB (spoiler: it is not).
Pietz Prove@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
@lebaux to each their own. i don't agree with your analogy either. there's very little one could do against a bomb attack because the victims don't play an active role in the plan. awareness of this topic wouldn't protect anyone. in this case however the victim has to actively do something for the plan to work. by making people aware of this exploit, they will not do something stupid. Most of the times analogies just don't hold up. That's true for yours and mine.
Pierre LeBaux@lebaux ·
@gopietz my analogy just deconstructs your reasoning and makes it very questionable, nothing else.
Mikel Gonzalez@mikel_gonzalez · Mobile software engineer
@lebaux No it doesn't...
Pierre LeBaux@lebaux ·
Mikel Gonzalez@mikel_gonzalez · Mobile software engineer
@lebaux Your analogy makes a bad comparison. This is in no way comparable to a bomb. Knowing how to protect your home from intruders requires you to learn things that can harm another person, you also learn about what the intruder may do to harm you, sure you could use that knowledge to invade another persons home, but the simple act of pulling that knowledge out of the darkness weakens those that would use it nefariously. Its a question of scale, is learning how to create a bomb going to help the public in any way? no not really, but knowing about certain types of cyber and hardware attacks will. People who just read this will think twice before inserting an abandoned USB dongle into their computer.
Pierre LeBaux@lebaux ·
@mikel_gonzalez The problem is that if you apply this logic to basically anything, it will not hold up, and for the argument sake, I can steer from the bomb. For example selling a poison looking and tasting like mountain dew only to prove that people shouldn't drink something they find in the street. Sure, you are spreading awareness, but also killing people. In USB killer scenario, you are "just" destroying their computers. Nevertheless, both are unethical form of "spreading the awareness". And this is just concept of ethics (I love to see you try disprove me here), I am not talking about my opinion, being that selling usable USB killer is f**king retarded, especially if you take into consideration BFU and who are the people that will actually buy this.
Mikel Gonzalez@mikel_gonzalez · Mobile software engineer
@lebaux Wow.... Every single analogy can be broken down if you take it to far. All of your examples have had to do with death. Please go ahead and try to disprove my example above about defending yourself from physical attacks. There are people who offer self defense classes, tasers, knives, etc. In learning about those things you can choose to harm others with it or to defend yourself with it. This is the same exact thing. You learn about the device and use that knowledge to defend yourself (or your computer in this case). I won't be responding after this because I can tell you are just in it for a fight.
Pierre LeBaux@lebaux ·
@mikel_gonzalez I mean at this point it is probably pointless argument, I am against selling fully functional weaponized USB, you think it is a great awareness and educational piece... you are just yammering your baseless philosophy.