USB Killer

This USB drive will kill your computer πŸ’»πŸ’€

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2016
The USB Power Surge vulnerability is a common flaw in products with USB connections. To save money, manufacturers do not protect the power or data lines of devices, which leaves them open to attack.
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Oh, this is terrible. Pro tip: never use random USB sticks you find on the streets.
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@rrhoover somebody watches Mr. Robot 😏
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@rrhoover The paranoia is real now.
how else can you find out who the unlabeled usb stick belongs to? πŸ˜‚
@gabriel__lewis @rrhoover it was there as prototype and in theory even before that series *just sayin*
I know what to get my ex for her birthday :)
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No need to buy this. - Load a normal USB drive with 'nefarious' code - Label it 'Staff wages' or similar - Drop in corporate car-park
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How is selling this a good idea???
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@lebaux its about as much of a "good idea" as it is to report about anything illegal and bad going on in the world. lets assume you weren't aware of this usb specification exploit, which by the way has been around for years. well, you're aware of it now. isn't that something? at a $50 price point most people won't buy it anyway. especially because its function can be implemented with any usb stick and free to download software. ethical hacking always seems counter productive to some, but i think its needed to move forward and spread awareness.
@gopietz your argument is weak... here is the analogy: you can make a decent bomb using only what you find in grocery store. There are plenty of DYI articles on the internet, but you will make that extra step towards ethical anti-terorrism so you make the bomb and sell it twice the price of items needed (so you are defending your position via pricing point). You will raise awareness for sure, but there that one dude that buys it and kills himself or someone. And my question is, was this ethical? The answer is the same with your USB (spoiler: it is not).
@lebaux to each their own. i don't agree with your analogy either. there's very little one could do against a bomb attack because the victims don't play an active role in the plan. awareness of this topic wouldn't protect anyone. in this case however the victim has to actively do something for the plan to work. by making people aware of this exploit, they will not do something stupid. Most of the times analogies just don't hold up. That's true for yours and mine.
@gopietz my analogy just deconstructs your reasoning and makes it very questionable, nothing else.
@lebaux No it doesn't...