Control distractions, limit app usage through blocking

UsageSafe is an app that aims to help you to track how much time you spend (or waste) on your phone. Have you ever thought about bringing more awareness or consciousness into your life?
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Sometimes we lose track of time using social media apps and UsageSafe will help you with a realization about your usage and potential addiction, which is a big step forward. Have you ever wondered how many times you unlock your phone throughout the day? How much time do you spend on specific apps? How many times do you launch specific apps? What is the average screen time per day, per hour? This app has answers to those and many other questions you may have. This app is not only about the raw data. Even though we might be aware of the excessive amount of time in front of our smartphones, sometimes we need a bit of control. UsageSafe got you covered. With the app blocker functionality, you can specify limits for each app independently, so that when you exceed that limit, you won't be able to open it for the rest of the day. But don't even think about cheating. It might seem easy at first to just quickly adjust the limit after overusing specific app and mindlessly continue with your session, but there is one obstacle. Whenever you want to delete or update a limit, you have to wait 15 seconds, which doesn't seem like a lot but it can successfully discourage you from doing that. Besides standard app limits, there is a special Focus Mode. It allows you to block specific apps that you find the most distracting or you spend the most time within. You simply select those distracting apps, turn on the mode, and all of those apps won't be available for you unless you turn it off again.
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@arkadiusz_chmura Cool to see an actually block function, I find with Apple time limit I just ignore the prompt and keep browsing e.g. on Instagram. This would be a big help for that.
@abadesi That's exactly what I wanted. With Apple time limit it is just to easy to keep using the app after exceeding a limit for it, so I implemented this 15 seconds delay