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#4 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2015
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UsabilitySquare is a place where usability enthusiasts gather to test each other ideas and products. Here you can get unbiased, free and instant feedback and start optimizing your design. You can test anything – a design idea, sketch, prototype, app, website or even interface of good old washing machine ;)
Looks very cool! Question to the makers, how many people do you have contributing? I would add some info / an example of how an experiment works - if I wouldn't have the screenshots here, I would have no idea what happens when I'm creating one. Also, an option for comments would be useful - there are places that I would have written that a certain thing is confusing to me if I could. Something about the process feels somewhat confusing to me as well - the transition between the images is a bit too abrupt, I'm missing some kind of feedback before switching to the next experiment. Overall I really like the concept and simplicity, feels almost like a game and would work well with some gamification/ranking/community stuff etc which I'm sure is something you already thought of, and could definitely be useful. Hope it takes off!
Thanks for the feedback @_annacates. Love to hear more! 🤘 Info to show the experiment makers is next thing on our list, and today you as an experiment maker will get enriched information about the users who contributed to your experiments with their demographic data (if they populated it) and detailed click informations. Fro gamification, we are thinking about it, we already log some points in the back, not still sure what to do her, but for sure want to make it super fun!
Thanks for your support! We have been listening to your feedback and today released update which adds better mobile support, and while you are there you can try longpressing to leave textual feedback.
Who are the testers?
@afhill Everyone is welcome to contribute and participate in experiments. At the moment, it is just matter of goodwill if someone will do it, and we are happy with the results so far. In the future, we may introduce some kind of reward system in order to attract broader public. Thanks for asking! :)
I think this is a cool idea. Agree with another commenter that the ability to leave textual feedback or annotations on the screenshots would be useful. I did have a problem using the site though. I signed up and tried to create an experiment, but every time I filled out the form and uploaded the image, it never would submit successfully. Just kept returning to the same completed form. I'm using Safari on iPhone.
@internick Textual feedback is almost ready and is about to be released. :) Regarding the annotations — for now, we want to keep the experiments focused on a goal user has to fulfil. The idea is that user feedback could be more valuable if it's coming from a user committed to complete the goal, instead of just observing the UI. And about experience on mobile devices — unfortunately, we overlooked mobile users and are working on a fix for the experiment creation form. Thanks for letting us know!