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Chris Messina & Ben Eidelson discuss conversational commerce

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Really interesting topic which @chrismessina wrote about a few weeks ago in this Medium article. Here's a collection of #convcomm products he put together.
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Thanks for sharing Ryan! @chrismessina and I had a lot of fun having this chat with @ndiblasio. There's a few examples in the companion written article here:
Aggressive on 'end of google' proclamation--if I can figure it out so can they--but enjoyed the enthusiasm for this emergent space. We are in a platform shift and its going to get a little weird for those who fail to adopt. πŸ”‘ is personalized personalities for these chatbots.
@chrisamccoy I think conversational apps need someone with a theater / character development background to design really cool personalities
@todkiry Spot on. We hired someone who, in his spare time is a stand up comedian, and previously wrote superfluous and effective copy at Living Social, then launched campaigns in SF Creative Agency. His skills are πŸ”‘. In parallel, have a product team building a personality bot API, starting with our own called Printbot. We're building the underlying logic and CMS so we can 'write once, run across all platforms' (WeChat included). It's been experiential in both writing the bot (I'm writing v1, designing the CMS) and getting the logic to work, but day-by-day, we're doing it. Progress is here: For our MVP, we're writing personality bots for several of the top celeb personalities in the world. In a partnership with them, we may run them on WeChat. Will definitely run on Twitter, SMS, and FB Messenger (when we get API access). It's a fun world.
@chrisamccoy Those are all super awesome challenges to be working on! You are building the Ross Marquand of the botworld πŸŽ™πŸ˜Έ
@todkiry We like to think of it as the Mystique of the personalized chatbot world ;)
Nice find. Conversational commerce within apps is so much easier than "hunt and peck" methods like jumping to a search engine.
How about a messaging app that predicts your next sentence?