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Meet with recruiters 1:1 and see open jobs amidst COVID-19

#2 Product of the DayApril 03, 2020
Urspace jobs matches qualified candidates with tech recruiters and shares open positions amidst COVID-19.
Submit your resume or post a job at jobs.urspace.io 🌱
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Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I'm Don, one of the co-founders at urspace. With everything going on, we wanted to think of a way we could do bit of good and help our friends who were losing jobs and offers due to COVID-19. So Vanessa, Emily, and I are launching this job board with urspace to put open positions in one place and get the right talent in front of recruiters. We'll screen resumes ourselves and connect qualified candidates to verified recruiters, and we'll update the job board every day. If you're seeking a job, submit your resume and check out open positions. If you're a recruiter, you can post a job and/or fill out our form to get matched with top talent. Check out our core product at urspace.io (we build portfolio websites for the new generation of makers and creatives), but this job board and the 1:1's are open to everyone. We hope this helps alleviate some stress and we hope we can help out the world at least a bit! πŸ’™
Love this. I think matching recruiters and candidates is a great idea, especially right now. Thanks for building this platform!
@alan_21 Hey Yun! No problem. This idea is something we have played with for a long time and we are so excited to make it a reality. Let us know if you have any feedback
Scrambled to get this up over the last week, hopefully some of you will find it helpful! Please let us know if there's any info that's not up to date~
I really appreciate this product and its mission. I cant wait to see all of the success it has in the coming years.
Great idea that should help a lot of people get back up and running :) Left some annotated notes on your landing page too that I hope is useful - https://app.usebubbles.com/bdb91...
@conor_clarke1 Thank you for the feedback! Appreciate you taking the time to leave the notes. We're continuing to improve the site as we go, so this is really helpful!