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Itay Sued
Itay SuedMaker@itays · Developer
Hi Product Hunters :) After few years of waking up to the same song everyday, changing the song every couple of month - after i grow to hate the songs i chose, i decided to take off the glove and create a new app: i developed Uroo - is a special alarm clock app which lets you either choose your own YouTube video as alarm, OR (and thats the recommended feature :D) wake up with a new video every day chosen by the users. Users search and vote for thier favorite YouTube videos, and each day the 1st place video will be picked as the alarm. the app is very simple to use and the alarm clock is very reliable (if u have no internetconnection it will use ur default alarm ringtone). I'd love if u try the app and tell me what do you think (here in comments or in playstore review). and sorry for my english im not a native english speaker :) link: https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Brad Engel
Brad Engel@bradleyengel · Product Manager
Congrats Itay, looks cool! I like the option to choose the crowdsourced favorite (as long as they wouldn't pick the same song every day). I had a similar idea that placed in the top 3 for a local startupweekend a few years ago. The idea that you could send a song to a friend for them to play as an alarm at a time they set. They wouldn't know what the song was until the alarm went off the next day. Question, if a youtube video has ads, does it end up playing the ad first? I would imagine that's not the best way to wake up in the morning ;)
Itay Sued
Itay SuedMaker@itays · Developer
@bradleyengel Thanks Brad! - actually when a song is picked as alarm - after 24 hours it get banned for 7 days in order to avoid the situation you described. (and i few more parameters i am still testing) - I like your idea! its very cool (as long you have friends ;D) - actually YouTube api allows you to play videos without ads, so don't worry about that (i was suprised too but i tested it a lot and it true)