URL shortener with social lock, routing, A/B test and more.

URLways - URL shortener.
Features: routing based on user data (geo, device type/OS, language), barriers to transition (passwords, clicks and date limit, Telegram/YouTube lock), A/B test, opening several tabs, preview of the opened page and more.
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Add the possibility to pixel users (via FB Pixel and GTM) before they are forwarded to the final url
Hi, my name is Igor. πŸ™‹β€β™‚ I launched a link shortening project with various additional features. What do you think? What features are most interesting and should be developed? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Thanks!
@new_user_76162a8943 Social Lock is the most needed feature! Can you please add Facebook + Twitter lock?
@nightcoder Hello) Planned to do it. But Facebook blocked my domain (I do not know why), support does not respond.
@new_user_76162a8943 Facebook support is very slow for me as well. Can't change the name of my group for more than 2 weeks already :/
Congrats on the launch! I can still see some Russian on the homepage, just wanted to point that out and also, are you thinking off API access as well?
@leo_woods Hi, thanks! What do you mean Russian on the main page? Some pages are translated into Russian. :) I thought about it. But I do not know it is necessary API for creation of "tree" or simply reduction without additional functions (barriers, AB test and other)?
@new_user_76162a8943 Re. Russian https://really.iamno.pro/geuYLN4Q API access could just be useful building things with it, integrating it with other apps. A lot of stuff with webhooks could be useful, but yeah it's your call of course. Just wanted to know if it'd even have API =)
@leo_woods Thank you, will fix!)) I plan to add an API over time.
We use Capsulink for API shortening at work. It is an important part of our work. Based on this here are few features I would want: 1. Ability to shorten link over API 2. Ability to add custom domain names. We should be able to add at least 3 domain names per account. 3. Good pricing. I could not see your pricing page.
@pranav_pai_vernekar Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are no prices yet.
Incredible piece of software. I tried experimenting with creating link that redirect users to app deeplinks based on their device OS but I quickly ran into a problem. The URL box apparently doesn't accept any links that do not begin with "http://" making it impossible to utilize IOS deeplink URLs that typically start with "intent://". Is this something you could tweak?
@jordan_nwachukwu Thanks! I fixed it, try again :)
Thanks @new_user_76162a8943 worked like a charm on a test IOS deeplink. For some reason though, a similar android deeplink to an instagram profile didn't open the app successfully. It just stayed stuck on the bridge page. Could it be a bug maybe?
@jordan_nwachukwu Similar problem. The first time opened normally, but the next times not opens. Maybe Google Chrome bug. In Firefox, Opera works fine. With Telegram the same problem. I will look for a solution.
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@jordan_nwachukwu Thank you very much 😁 The problem with deeplinks can be solved only with the "Open link" button. But probably better than nothing πŸ₯΄