Upload files to your Dropbox with a URL

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I'd have love this as a chrome extension.
@rawshashank Shiv is working on the Chrome extension found here: https://chrome.google.com/websto.... It's still in progress and will be fully ready soon, but give it a try! Just right click on any link and select upload to Dropbox.
@jsngr Thanks for the link. :D All the best. The extension is really helpful.
Thank you @rawshashank. Glad you like it. We will definitely let you know once the alpha extension is out :)
urluploader allows you to upload URLs to your dropbox. It could be web files or links. Web files for example - https://represent.io/shivkanthb.pdf will be saved directly to your dropbox. Links ( blogposts, websites, youtube links etc) will be bookmarked within their own folder. For example - http://lifehacker.com/balloon-se... will create a lifehacker folder with the link to the blog post.
Looks awesome! Well done, @jsngr @shivkanthb
it could help if the site explained what this does. Does this do the same as dragging a url to dropbox (that they added recently)? i.e. create a shortcut file in your dropbox account
Hi @_jacksmith. So its pretty similar I should say, but urluploader organizes your bookmarks into the right host folder. For example, all youtube video links go right into the youtube folder and are named based on title (which makes search a lot easier on dropbox). Also it pushes web files (like pdfs, jpgs etc and) directly to your dropbox. We are also working on a chrome extension to push files and links. That would make it a lot easy to use.
Cool! Awesome and useful!