Check the availability of your links from the command line

URLint is a tool for the command line that checks

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Thanks for discovering the project! The idea behind the project was to create an easy way to check that all the links on your website are working as you expect. The command line is a universal door for developers, so I was thinking in create a fancy CLI that detects all the URLs behind an input point. You can provide the URL of your website, but also you can provide a sitemap! It will detect all the URLs and classify them according to the HTTP status. CLI also is very great because you can automatize the process. For example, you can add it as a step in your Continous Deployment Environment. Here an example using it at Travis CI: https://travis-ci.org/Kikobeats/... This is especially great if you generate the static build in the same job. Another hidden feature: If you are using a ping service, like uptimerobot or similar, actually you don't need it because all the URLs will be ping in the process. Glad to hear your feedback and suggestions πŸ™‚
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Released urlint v1.3 with a lot of changes ✨ - Possibility to specify HTML selector - Added minimal & verbose output - Attached timestamp per url fetched - Follow redirects support - Many UX improvements Also website was redesigned πŸ’… https://urlint.co
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It'd be cool if this also found out things like username and domain availability, @kikobeats πŸ˜„
@kikobeats @amrith I love https://namechk.com, although it's not a CLI Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
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@amrith I think is out of the scope of the project
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