Anonymous & secure URL shortener

urlify.dev is a free URL shortener which is secure & Anonymous with 0 logs. and also provides a quickly accessable API to create Short URL on the fly
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Would it be possible to share your thoughts on why anonymity is required in URL shorter? How is it different from others?
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@wilsonbright Sure :-) 1. Most Url Short Service Out There Records Click Counts, Clicks from IP & .etc 2. Shows Adds which uses Google Adds which means there are some tracking code in that website And i wanted to provide back to the community with a good & 100% worry free privacy service. since our system is based on anonymity which means we do not store user-related information or there no user registration page too. We do not store any information other than click counts per url. we do not store Any IP Address when the user clicks a short url generated by urlify.dev / urlify.me. We store IP Address of the user who sends API Requests for rate limits per day. Currently, we have 1000 request per day via api per IP
@varun_sridharan Thank you. Any further features being planned or to increase the rate limit to be higher?
@wilsonbright We will working on update for it once it started attracting users for example providing an api which provides total click counts for a short url. and yea once users started to reach that limit we will be increasing. since its 100% Anonymous we can't able to track which user sends a lot of requests. we can only be able to track with IP which means if we need to increase for overall. and we will be doing that if there is a bottleneck.
Great simple tool. @varun_sridharan is already in the news making some great tools for developers like WPOnion and he is tirelessly working on Open Source Projects. Keep up the work buddy!
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Simple yet effective. No fuss. No complications.
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We got great response from the community and people are started using our service already. so we decided to add 1 more domain name to our fleet : https://urlify.me
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@varun_sridharan This one is probably the easiest to remember.
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@blondinmikkel both domains are interlinked so you can use any.
@varun_sridharan Wow, such a great handy tool! Keep it up.
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