Turn your URL's into suspicious looking links

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I had to go through like 10 tries until I got one I was "comfortable" tweeting out πŸ™ˆ http://6h2.xyz/weeb_xklrz_arson-...
Lol this is pretty funny I don't even want to click this: http://6h2.xyz/twink_gxcz_cheap-...
@bentossell We don't even look a normal link. Then this. They even have a 'trumpify' link. LOL
This is awesome. The URLs look really shady (and funny): http://6h2.xyz/sexual_ntok_arson... http://6h2.xyz/trump_gr8_GOD-emp... This one is the best: http://6h2.xyz/negro_jfoqwjefqq_...