URL Builder by Landingi

Add parameters to URLs and easily track your campaigns.

Generate your campaign links faster with easy-to-use URL Builder. Define and track custom Mediums and Sources or use the defaults. You get the full and shortened right after creating them. Re-use already created links, as the URL Builder keeps them for you.
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Precision in digital marketing is necessary to get the best results from campaigns 🎯 How to track different traffic sources and measure their effectiveness? That is the time when UTMs are most useful. That's why we give you a new tool at your disposal - URL Builder. Use it to build custom URLs for your campaigns. Enjoy!
Ok so, till this day I used the tool provided by Google, but it was tiring of constantly keeping the presets in the spreadsheets. URL Builder by Landingi is more focused on types of UTM's used by digital marketers and provides a more natural flow to the URL building. As a marketer, I find this way more natural. I think it's a great addition to your marketing arsenal. Also, the extended description of building a good URL with UTMs is appreciated. If you haven't used these to track your campaigns, the guide provided in this tool will help you get started.
Nice explanation on How it works ,I use to always make sure UTM tags before running a campaign .it will make life much easier when running multiple campaigns in a day with different context .
@khajanpandey That was the idea behind it. Thanks!