Hourly reminder, appointment scheduler, any-do

Set unlimited number of tasks, reminders of notes, images, and links by just one-time payment, no monthly or annual fees.

All you need as an individual planner to organize your day.

No limits! No ads! Your routine has a big impact on how you feel.
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7 Reviews1.4/5
Hi there, I was surfing the App Store looking for a new reminder and found a new app called "Urbotask" which really appealed to me. It has a nice and colorful design, with different categories to divide and view your tasks in a way that you want. The customizable icon of the app and the different themes that it already has was really stunning. It is really worth giving a try.
I tried the app and really it's amazing... I used to have colorful background wallpapers in my iPhone and I sometimes get confused to find my desired app icon within the colors, but today I changed the icon of this app to a new color and now I am able to find it easily. Besides, another wonderful feature for categorizing my tasks is really helpful and the themes are great and nice. I recommend this app to use and enjoy . UrboTask
A great tool to have. Hopefully you release for Android too.
any chance of an Android app ?
@basim_aman don't know...hopefully in future
anyone else have tried it?