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Urbansurf is an activity/socialization app that can be used actively all over the world. It allows users to participate in activities that are closest to them and according to their interests according to their location information and meet with Urbaners.
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Great product i would use it while traveling to see the interesting activities people around me are doing :)
Society needs this! Thanks
We started our journey with the motto of “meet people with similar interests. ” There are many people out there to meet for an unforgettable experience, but it is not always easy to cross each other’s path and start a new friendship. Urbansurf is here to be the junction point.
@pulatserkan I'm into online platforms where folks can connect with like-minded people, which cities have the biggest communities on your app so far? And would you say there are more types of activities which are more popular than others?
@abadesi Hi, I would say it is the top 5 countries for Urbansurf; Turkey, Germany, the USA, France, and Italy. We are addressing the need for a platform that helps travelers meet local people, enable personal communication, get advice from locals or people who know an area well, meet like-minded people. Popular activities are "Let's take some photos, Explore the area, Talk about your experience, Language exchange, Go out and Party. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that our users do not have to plan in advance to participate in an activity with Urbansurf. In any place in your city, you can meet people immediately by opening an activity about whatever you are interested in.
@pulatserkan thanks for sharing.