Urban Engines Map App

New maps product that also works offline and has cool x-ray

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SV Angel is an investor. This is a team of some of the best Google engineers around. As someone who travels a lot (air, BART, Uber, walking), this is an awesome app. The X-Ray feature for walking the last 1000 feet is super helpful.
The missing app for my commute. I was wondering if there is a way for me to leave tips for other people like. This street is sketchy should avoid at night?
@digiru It'll be pretty useful for out of town visitors. we'll definitely consider it.
Very well executed. I would love to see a trail maps feature, perfect for offline since coverage is often bad in parks.
@stumbling_eric That's a great idea. I can see using it when I go hiking . The underlying mapping infrastructure is completely vector-based, so as long as we can get trail maps data, we can render them on device, both online or off.
Very cool! Is the app doing anything to improve location accuracy (especially indoors), or is the app mostly about offline mode & the xray view?
@andrewmason we haven't done much on indoor location accuracy in this version. but we're leveraging all sensors on the device for x-ray mode. what's your use case?
Very slick - looking forward to exploring with this!
@bobgreenlees Thanks. Feel free to send us any feedback.