Urban Engines Map App

New maps product that also works offline and has cool x-ray

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David Lee
David LeeHunter@davidlee
SV Angel is an investor. This is a team of some of the best Google engineers around. As someone who travels a lot (air, BART, Uber, walking), this is an awesome app. The X-Ray feature for walking the last 1000 feet is super helpful.
Dan Cheung
Dan Cheung@digiru · Hacker
The missing app for my commute. I was wondering if there is a way for me to leave tips for other people like. This street is sketchy should avoid at night?
Dan Zheng
Dan ZhengMaker@danz · Product, Urban Engines
@digiru It'll be pretty useful for out of town visitors. we'll definitely consider it.
Eric Goldberg
Eric Goldberg@stumbling_eric · Co-Founder, SnapUp
Very well executed. I would love to see a trail maps feature, perfect for offline since coverage is often bad in parks.
Dan Zheng
Dan ZhengMaker@danz · Product, Urban Engines
@stumbling_eric That's a great idea. I can see using it when I go hiking . The underlying mapping infrastructure is completely vector-based, so as long as we can get trail maps data, we can render them on device, both online or off.
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason@andrewmason · CEO Descript, former Detour / Groupon
Very cool! Is the app doing anything to improve location accuracy (especially indoors), or is the app mostly about offline mode & the xray view?
Dan Zheng
Dan ZhengMaker@danz · Product, Urban Engines
@andrewmason we haven't done much on indoor location accuracy in this version. but we're leveraging all sensors on the device for x-ray mode. what's your use case?
Bob Greenlees
Bob Greenlees@bobgreenlees · BD & Ops. @ ShuttleCloud
Very slick - looking forward to exploring with this!
Dan Zheng
Dan ZhengMaker@danz · Product, Urban Engines
@bobgreenlees Thanks. Feel free to send us any feedback.