URB-E Sport

Foldable, electric scooter - 20% lighter, 40% cheaper

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Send to BRazil please kkk
@douglasevaristo We ship to Brazil! In fact, we've already shipped URB-Es to 27 countries. We're really proud of this.
I'm a huge fan of the original Urb-E. Can you describe some of the changes and/or improvements that you've made with the new Urb-E "Sport" model?
@peterkimfrank Absolutely - URB-E Sport is lighter, more compact, and can be easily carried. It also has a removable battery capable of charging up to 7 devices at once, which is a first for an electric vehicle. It also starts at $899, which is 40% less expensive. Still built in California though.
Very cool.
This is looking like a great solution. In the back of my mind I am saving for one.
@djabatt Thank you! While URB-E Sport doesn't come out until end of March, if you pre-order this month we'll give you $100 worth of free accessories.