The world’s most compact, foldable electric vehicle. ⚡️

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I had the pleasure of testing out the new @urberides at SXSW. After the first try I went back to get more friends and tried it again. It's super fun, all-electric, and has some real power. Feels like a cross between a tiny motorcycle and a scooter. Here's a video me testing out at South By. h/o to Rothenberg Ventures for hosting the demos :-) Click the tweet for sound https://twitter.com/ProductHunt/...
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@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv, great video! Hi Everyone, I'm Peter Lee, CEO of URBAN626, the company behind URB-E. We're extremely proud to be on Product Hunt today, and look forward to answering everyone's questions (and comments!).
@madisonpete @nivo0o0 Great to see you on PH Peter!
@peterkimfrank @nivo0o0 Thank you - we're beyond excited to be on PH! Whole team is buzzing about it.
I'd love for something like this to be taken seriously. But I feel like these types of things always seem a little gimmicky. Like the hoverboards. These are actually cool way to get around but just think it may have the same fate as hoverboards.
@bentossell Hoverboard has the Google Glass thing where it just looks too out of the future. This looks like legos, and very very practical. It can handle SF hillz will ease too 💫
@nivo0o0 yeh these seem more practical and agree with the futuristic feel ha. Time will tell. I still want one! Wonder if they will be able to avoid the legal issues that others have faced. Should be fine because its just a mini bike right? I used to have one of these to bust around my house with:
@bentossell time well tell. Tom from there team will chime-in in the morning 💫
@bentossell Keep in mind that a big reason hoverboards failed is because it is dangerous. If someone can provide a safer product I think there is still opportunity.
@nivo0o0 @bentossell that and hoverboards can hardly even handle a crack or differential in terrain. This would be pretty fun to ride around in more flat areas, but I can't imagine getting around in a big city filled with pedestrian landmines and tons of traffic.
The need is def there......but i dont see myself using this or hoverboards......i get cramps while sitting on such smaller bikes...... i like a startup that had Aladin's magic carpet! I think that will be way cooler! ;) Dunno the feasibilty or regulation that comes with it!! Dubai is already using Jetpacks
@iamnineblack You'd be surprised how comfortable the URB-E is. It's like riding a loungechair if you put your feet up on the front wheels. We made it extremely comfortable, and the seat doesn't feel like that of a bicycle. And because you're so low to the ground, your feet can always touch the ground, again adding to the level of comfort. Can't comment on the Jetpacks though - perhaps those might give you cramps as well ;)
@madisonpete interesting........are they legal everywhere....... i m frm india
How long til I see one of these round London 🇬🇧
@fredrivett We have our first one riding around London now! We are literally JUST beginning European shipping, something we're really excited about. Plan on seeing a lot more URB-Es around Europe this summer...
@madisonpete Exciting times Pete, congrats :)
@fredrivett Thank you!!
We're seeing more vehicles for short-trip travel (e.g. Boosted Board, "hover boards", City Bike Share). I saw these all around SXSW this year.
@rrhoover Yup. I wonder if we need traffic lights for footpath too if everyone starts to buys them. Same restrictions that are applied to segways will apply to these vehicles.. Will be good for universities and companies with huge campus
@rrhoover People want to get places faster and more efficiently! Personal transportation is becoming a large industry, and we want URB-E to forever be leading the way in terms of performance and quality. Since we build it in America (by hand in Pasadena), we have a good feeling we'll continue to stay ahead of the competition.