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Instant notifications about new Upwork jobs. An update could be up to once a minute, receive notifications via Telegram Bot or Google Chrome Extension, 1 search is Free. Upworkee is your chance to be among the first who applied!
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Hello PH citizens! 👋 Before we start, it is our First Launch, we have been preparing a lot and please don’t judge too harshly 😉 I am Alex and together we are a young team of web/mobile developers who have huge experience of Upwork surfing for decent projects. The most difficult was to apply among the first once the new job was posted. It is extremely important, as we suppose that employers read only the first 10-15 offers, and after 15-20 minutes there can already more than 20 applicants. We spent really tons of hours just monitoring Upwork to be able to catch the good project, which was really tiring, monotonous and ineffective 😤 One day we thought that it would be really helpful to get a kind of a Bot that could notify us as per given criteria regarding new job offers and that is, Upworkee was born 👼 Upworkee notified us in Telegram or Google Chrome and we were able to apply first and received a chance to be seen by employers. As our product became a really effective tool for us and some other freelancers, we decided to share it with the whole World! 🌏 Welcome Guys! We are open to any communication, feedback is appreciated greatly as it is so vital for us ☝️ Do not hesitate to contact us! See you! 👩‍💻
I really enjoy using upworkee bot as it is so easy to deal with and makes finding jobs more convenient and productive. I think it is a definite must-have for every freelancer.
@gevorg_dallakyan Thank you Gevorg, we do appreciate your feedback! Glad to hear that we are helpful for you;-)
This is a great product and has extreme value. It is one of those product that would make one wonder why it was not created sooner. The competition on Upwork and other major Freelance platforms is fierce and I believe that any serious Freelancer should be willing to invest in this bot to have a head start.
@that_ogochukwu Glad to hear that, thank you!