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💬 The more you grow in users, the more feedback you'll get as in feature requests or bug reports. With Upvoty you can easily manage all of your client feedback and with feature voting, you always know what to build next. Your users will love you! ❤️
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    User friendly, lowest price


    You still need to work, but that is always the case :-D

    I've been following Upvoty since the very beginning from the launch of the idea and concept. I am still very enthusiastic about this now im using this for our websites. I can waint to see more and more nice features added to this nice tool!

    B040 has used this product for one week.
  • Zak Kempson
    Zak KempsonCo-founder at Sigodu

    - Helped us streamline feedback, so our customers feel like their voice has been heard. - Ridiculously simple to work with!


    Anything that is missing is already in their roadmap (which incidentally, is really easy to find and contribute to!)

    Integrating the Upvoty widget into our app also has let our users comment, vote and post their own improvements, which has improved our sense of community and customer satisfaction whilst we're in a stage of aggressive growth.

    Zak Kempson has used this product for one month.
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Sujesh Thekkepatt
Sujesh Thekkepatt@sujesh_thekkepatt · software engineer
just out of curiosity why are you over here at 8th rank with 332 upvotes ? Anyway nice product would give it a try!!
MikeMaker@startupwithmike · Founder of Vindy, Upvoty & Streaky
@sujesh_thekkepatt I really don't know! I've asked PH and they refer to this article: https://help.producthunt.com/pos... I guess we'll just have to wait for the PH algorithm :)
MikeMaker@startupwithmike · Founder of Vindy, Upvoty & Streaky
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I've build Upvoty while scratching my own itch. With my other startups I was overwhelmed by user feedback and I needed a way to manage all the feedback from my users and a way to communicate clearly about it. So, that's why I've built Upvoty! With Upvoty you are able to collect all of your client feedback in 1 simple overview. It's really easy to install the feedback boards and product roadmap within your own website or app via the widget. You can even integrate your own user accounts. Feel free to check it out at Upvoty.com and try it for free! Thanks! I would love to hear your feedback 🙌
George Talbot
George Talbot@georgetalbot1
It,s really . i think it,s better way
MikeMaker@startupwithmike · Founder of Vindy, Upvoty & Streaky
Iris Hogeveen
Iris Hogeveen@iris_hogeveen
Really cool! Love the demo. Will definitely push it forward in our team 😍
MikeMaker@startupwithmike · Founder of Vindy, Upvoty & Streaky
@iris_hogeveen Absolutely love it @iris_hogeveen! Let me know if I can do anything for you and make sure you'll check the demo on our website!
Streaky@streakyio · Accomplish new goals much easier!
We already loved it and are using it at https://roadmap.streaky.io/ for anyone who's curious :)
MikeMaker@startupwithmike · Founder of Vindy, Upvoty & Streaky
@streakyio YEAH ❤️