Upverter 3

Instacart for hardware engineers

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Hey All, Im one of the makers. Upverter makes fully-cloud design tools for hardware engineers (schematic capture, PCB layout). But with this release we've also added a "concierge" that will help you design hardware faster by making all of your parts for you. With the Upverter Parts Concierge now every hardware engineer (the people responsible for every new device you buy), have their own team of engineering assistants. Instead of wasting time doing error-prone menial grunt work: copying PDF datasheets into their CAD software — engineers can now focus on design. Thats why we're coining it "instacart for engineers", because engineers need parts like chefs need ingredients. Thanks!
Hey all, here's a link to @betakit's piece on our re-launch, with some more details and commentary from @zakhomuth as well as a quick intro video about the Parts Concierge. http://betakit.com/upverter-laun...
Been waiting for something like this