Watch YouTube videos with friends, made by Googlers

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Does anyone has invite code? *Updated: here is the code "PIZZA" Thanks to @bentossell
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@tuanh_beu "PIZZA" - according to the article
Google(rs) + YouTube attempting to not get left in the dust from the 'Snapchat-crowd' (read: anyone who has used a 'stories' product) Not available in the UK app store yet though 😒
@bentossell not made by Google :D
@bentossell I might as well not be in the US. "This app requires iOS 10 or higher." Time to upgrade my iPad. Kunal needs some Uptime! 😎
I really REALLY do not like the user interface.
@lyondhur I think the design is towards a younger crowd. I wonder If people enjoy chatting while watching the video. Why don't you like the UI?
@lyondhur I disagree, but it is a little on the over-saturated busy side, to be sure. That being said, the onboarding is 🔥 .
@mingliangma that's the curious thing: people love to watch stuff and talk to friends while they do it (from millennials and back). The problem to be fixed is that the interface and the experience with which people do that is entirely different: they watch it on a big(ger) screen and chat/comment on the smartphones. Twitter? Personally, the UX feels more like it was designed to overwhelm than to solve a problem. It's so busy and with a humongous colour palette that it actually made me want to just close it. Added to the variety in profile pics and all it's different colours, it's a carnival. Too much. No enough real estate for the video itself, which falls to the background behind all the confusion. It's really cool that attempts are being made to tackle into this niche. However, less is more, almost always.
@tomjohndesign Yes, I totally agree: onboarding is super easy. However, that's an UX obligation to modern apps presently; it has to be easy. But this app's core isn't about onboarding, but about facilitating chat while watching videos on YT. I strongly do not think "younger crowd" means clutter, overwhelm and confusion as far as User Experience goes. I don't get why this is always there. Whenever the UX is poor and confusing, "it's for the kids". When UX solves the problem, it solves it for any public. I don't get the strategy as well. YouTube is global, but the app isn't available in other countries. Anyway, personally, I can't see myself in any scenario where I can use Uptime.
@mingliangma I heard many times YouTube-focused agencies and Devs sketching around this functionality. A lot of UX research (including other platforms) point to one important factor: if what you're watching has breaks/ads/commercials, this "might" have a place. Yet again, good luck breaking through Twitter here.. If the video is short(er), the user often prefers not to have their attention broken and they simply watch the video, swiftly engaging with their friends immediately after. 1/2 ...
@adithya @ramil_bakhishli Application developed by bunch of googlers doesn't mean its from Google. Many people just download by seeing the product is from Google. Please Change the name. cc : @rrhoover @producthunt @bentossell
@kumarece26 please do not accuse anyone of 'Spam'... I saw it was from the Google incubation program so added 'from Google' - I shall change it. But having context that its from Googlers actually can be a reason for people to check it out.
@bentossell Thanks Ben! Changed :)
Googlers love iOS more than Android. *Sigh*
@usamaiv It's not about love, it's about being way easier to build and being able to tap into a greater proportion of your target demographic.