A smarter way to keep, find, and share all of your files

Upthere is transforming the personal storage market by providing a new and better way to keep, find, and share what's important and meaningful.

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Hello Product Hunt — we are excited to share that Upthere is out of beta and available for everyone! Upthere is a smarter way to keep, find, and share all of your files. Instead of syncing your files between devices, which takes up lots of space, Upthere safely and privately stores your files directly in the Upthere cloud. For more info, check out our blog. We believe Upthere is the future of personal storage and we hope you do, too!
@jmow not really for everyone. The iOS app is absent from the Croatian App Store.
@bojanspaic We are currently available in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S. Stay tuned for more countries!
@jmow well, since I can create an account, download and install the Mac app, I don't really see the point of withholding the iOS app, but I guess it has to do with server load. While I'm at it: I expected to see a menu bar app for easy uploading and last uploaded files access. Also, one of the main reasons for not using iCloud exclusively is the lack of the possibility of sharing simple links to files to be previewed in a browser. Upthere doesn't improve on that. Guess I'll have to wait for the iOS app and see.
@jmow Out of curiosity, what was the actual reason to not open it up to all countries, language related? I am from the Netherlands and I don't know anyone who doesn't speak English and all the companies I've worked at had English as their main language, yet there have been many apps that aren't made available to us, because the company behind it believes we only speak our local gobblygook and nothing more, while in reality most of us speak 2, 3 or more languages...
@davidvb Hi David, thanks for your interest. Rest assured, we are actively working on expanding to as many countries as possible! Although language / internationalization has some effect, ultimately there are other considerations that impact these decisions as well. For example, certain areas have particular data residency laws which may impact our ability to operate without implementing specific requirements. Feel free to reach out to support@upthere.com if you'd like further information. We can also make sure to add you to a list to be notified when our distribution expands to include your country. Cheers! Jason
I've been beta testing Upthere for months - I truly think this is the future of the cloud. I predict we'll be seeing Upthere everywhere within a few years (or months!) - for people asking about differences from other services-in one sentence, this is the big diff: DATA DIRECT TO CLOUD ---they also built the infrastructure from the ground up -years of work- and they have a great team to scale the technology 👍👍👍
Hi Jason. Please help me see the difference between Upthere and iCloud. In the video, it says "but in reality, sync can fail". I've never had iCloud sync fail, unless I didn't have internet connection or didn't pay for my subscription, which means that sync can also fail with Upthere if these 2 criteria aren't met. What is your definition of a failed sync? How is syncing better with Upthere vs. iCloud? Does the app have to run in the background for syncing to work? Also, the way you search for files (at least photos) seems very much like using Photos on OS X. Again, what is the differentiator? Are files indexed with richer metadata than OS X? Do search results display faster than using Apple's native apps (which would be impressive)? I love the feel of the app, you guys have definitely nailed that. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions!
@uxaldo hey Aldo, thanks for your support and for trying out Upthere! You have some great questions that I'll try to address. The big difference is that Upthere does not sync (i.e. copy) your files back and forth between all of your devices, instead transferring just the relevant metadata and appropriate previews to each of your devices. This means that the source of truth is always in Upthere, rather than each of your individual devices thinking what they have locally is the master copy, allowing all of your devices to always access the most up to date content available — of course in an offline scenario, it will not be able to update from it's last known local state. Indeed our search is very competitive with OS X Photos search. Our metadata extraction and indexing allows us to very efficiently find and query for content across all file types depending on rich metadata. So far we've only exposed a few of the search functionalities that we could, such as location, filetype, camera model, but we're just starting out here so always happy to receive feedback on what is important and how we can add value :) As an additional point, I think our UI is a lot more immediately interactive as OS X requires you to decide which "match" you want from the dropdown on the field, whereas we show interactive clusters that can immediately display the content of what you are looking for, right inline. Hope I've answered you're questions well. If you're interested in finding out more about our technology, you can check out https://www.upthere.com/technology and feel free to write in to support@upthere.com anytime with questions or feedback!
So now we are closer to Pied Piper. How about Dropbox guys?
Viewing photos from the Upthere website are ridiculously fast. I'm going to give it a good test before I start pushing all my photos up but i'm really impressed with the initial speed. I realize the site is a bit bare but as long as you have the speed you can add more chrome later.
@hmurchison Thanks for the kind words man! We've worked very hard on our technology stack to ensure a blazingly fast and reliable service — glad to hear it's working well!