A tiny menu bar uploader for Dropbox

#5 Product of the DayMay 06, 2016
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Alexey Sekachov
Alexey SekachovMaker@sekachov · Designer
Hello, Product Hunters! I’m Alexey Sekachov, founder & designer of Upspace. We made Upspace for those, who need to share tons of screenshots during the day, but don't want to subscribe to another file sharing service except of Dropbox. We're excited to be featured on PH. And we have an exclusive offer for you. Every hour, we will publish 5 promo codes for Upspace, from now till the end of the day (11 pm, GMT +3). And we'd be glad to receive any feedback from you. Follow us: Twitter Facebook
David Diamond
David Diamond@david_diam · Product designer
How does this differ from having a synced dropbox folder on your desktop or in your dock and just dragging files in?
Nick Coates
Nick Coates@gadgick · Building Instaops & Host Opscast
@david_diam Exactly what I was thinking...
Alexey Sekachov
Alexey SekachovMaker@sekachov · Designer
@david_diam hello, David. Thanks for feedback. Native Dropbox URLs look ugly, with special symbols like % and others. They are long and not comfortable for sharing (e.g. at social networks). And, as you may notice, Upspace counts viewers statistics. It's really helpfull feature, especially when you share files or screenshots via emails, or social networks.
Marcus@markerzsupport · LureLabs
I have yet to purchase Upspace, but from what i've seen so far it looks incredibly cool! I love the UI and the short links seem like they would be extremely handy. Great work, I will most likely be purchasing this in the near future :-)
Alexey Sekachov
Alexey SekachovMaker@sekachov · Designer
@markerzsupport thank you, Marcus, for your kind words!
Hayden Bleasel
Hayden BleaselHunter@haydenbleasel · Art Director and Full-Stack Developer
Good work @alta1r, loving the simplicity when combined with Dropbox integration and open tracking. Good stuff 👏
Alexey Sekachov
Alexey SekachovMaker@sekachov · Designer
@haydenbleasel thank you, Hayden! For feedback and featuring :)
Aliaksei Krasouski
Aliaksei Krasouski@a_krasouski · PM, Minsk, Belarus
Nice product, not only for designers:)
Alexey Sekachov
Alexey SekachovMaker@sekachov · Designer
@a_krasouski thanks, Aliaksei for upvote and support! Hope, the product we'll be usefull for you