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Hello Product Hunters, maker here. Upsite has been around in my life for about 5 years. I've tested the patience of friends and family espousing the idea, compiled several novels worth of notes and drawings, and finally sat down to build it about a year ago. It was born from experience, having spent most of my adult life making websites for people, from the smallest of small businesses up to giant mega-corporations. Upsite has evolved over time as I tried to position it against the incumbents. At some point I remembered my original inspiration of making basically "Muxtape for websites". Muxtape showed me there was another way to design for the web, one that rejected complexity while remaining entirely human-centered. I redesigned the app and it's features with this radical minimalism in mind, paring it down to the absolute basics. Each time I booted it up I became more fond of it; I was looking at the idea that had been floating around in my head for the last 5 years. So the Upsite you see today, though apparently simple, is the result of many iterations. It's a raw, basic version of what I hope can grow into something much bigger and better. Upsite itself is a drag+drop builder that enables anyone to put up a simple, minimal website in no time. Upsite.markdown is a more hacker-friendly version of Upsite that enables writing your site in markdown. It uses the same markdown syntax you know and love but with some additional sugar enabling simple layout and embeds. Check out the roadmap to see what's coming next: Easter egg: Add / to any Upsite to see the markdown source: I'm around today to answer any questions. Thanks for reading!
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Awesome design! Any thoughts on github hosting and jekyll support? I personally use
@eonpilot Thanks! There are a couple of things I'm thinking: 1. Export – you can export your site as static HTML to a Github repo and deploy that. 2. Gist – You can use a Gist as the source of your site, the site would auto-update when you update the Gist.
very cool! had an issue signing up with desktop safari, the text fields during signup didn't show what i was typing, had to use chrome. same behavior in the password field when i went back to safari to login.
@kleerkoat oops, fixed! Thanks for the heads-up 👍
tried to create a site, and not seeing the editor options...
@mrabramowitz oh, bummer. Did you click the "Edit" button (pencil icon) top right? What do you see? p.s. you can reach me at