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Thanks Tyler! Hey, everyone! Upsie is "The New Way to Warranty"! We provide you with the same great coverage you buy in the store right on your phone. No more hard sale pitches, paying 500% mark ups or worrying about losing your receipts. Upsie does all that and more for you. Big box companies offer you a warranty on a TV for $179 and really the insurance company is charging them $30. Why should you pay that much!? Check it out and use code: PRODUCTHUNT at check out for 15% off! I'll be here all day to answer questions.
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Upsie is my favorite kind of tech: brutally simple meets industry that desperately needs disruption. Basically you get warranties for stupid cheap because Upsie cuts out the middlemen. And yes it's literally the exact same coverage from the provider.
Upsie is an amazing idea - I remember when I was studying finance the Best Buy case study came up and we learned just how much of their revenue is from upselling consumers on warranty. Warranty that is completely overpriced and with incredibly high margins. Thrilled Upsie is disrupting this space. I have two questions for @clarence_bethea: 1) Clearly this is early days, but how are you thinking of managing UA. The consumer electronics space is so ridiculously huge and CPC's are pretty expensive. Your video and marketing sells itself but I'm curious if you're looking at tackling this in a unique way. 2) Your video is soooooooooo good (
for those that haven't seen it) - who did you work with to make it? Congrats on launch! Just signed up.
@realsimonburns Great questions and thanks for signing up. 1) We are in the early days and have been testing a bunch of different things. CPC is really expensive but at some point we have to jump in that ocean to compete on a national level. As of now, we have seen a ton of success through optimizing on FB and Twitter. Also, word of mouth has been huge for us. We've only been launched for about 8 months and started doing some marketing just a few months ago. Any suggestions you may have, I would be totally open to. 2) We do a lot in-house but our partner Curb Crowser is one of the best in the country at branding, design etc. They made this video come out perfect. Let me know if you need anything!
@realsimonburns that video is gold lol. great work @clarence_bethea
@everette Ikr seriously awesome!
Nice hunt, @thetylerhayes! @clarence_bethea: I love this product. I recently used it to insure my Apple Watch at a fraction of the cost of Applecare. Two questions: 1) How did you discover this problem, and why are you passionate about it? 2) It's kind of mind boggling to think that nobody's figured this out yet. Who are your competitors, and what insight does Upsie have into this problem that others lack?
@clarence_bethea What do you think you guys need to do to combat the industry relying on people simply not knowing how warranties work, or how much they really cost?