Calculate grades after an assignment or test

Upshot is a web application that allows students to see their grade after an assignment or test is posted. This can give students the opportunity to see how their grades will hold up after assignments, tests, or even finals. Students enter their current points along with points for an assignment, and they receive a calculated final grade.

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Kabir Shah
Maker of things
πŸ‘‹ Hey Product Hunt! Upshot is a simple little tool to help students see the impact an assignment, test, or final will have on their grade. You can enter in categories along with your current points in them, and an assignment score that belongs in one category. Upshot will compute the weighted average with the new assignment and show you a final grade. This was a project created by @oleby0406 and I in 24 hours. Hopefully it can help students see how their grades are affected with new assignments. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!
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founder of r/onlinecollective
@oleby0406 @kbrshah you could maybe add an option to set a goal grade and calculate the grade you need to reach that.
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John PatelWeb Designer and Developer
Hi @kbrshah and @oleby0406 you have made such a nice app. But I'd like to suggest you that, as a student I need to add goal/required grade to reach/achieve more grades. I use this one: You can take reference from it and make your app better.