Turn Autoshare ON for your nights out, trips & socials

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A bit on the story behind Upshot. Before building Upshot, we've been working on Togethera for the last couple of years (same team including @mattdempseycom, @reddavis, @radnire and @xarisd). Togethera is a cross-platform, private sharing app for your family and loved ones. We love that product, use it on a daily basis, have a very active community of users and continue to support it. However, when it comes to a shared, time-bound event that you experience with friends (and maybe acquaintances), you don’t want the rigidity that comes from creating a group on an app like Togethera. You just want an easy way to get all the photos & videos in one place. This came through very strongly when people would try to use Togethera for a party, wedding or other event. We thought hard about how we could cater for that use, but also how we could make content creation completely frictionless. When we came up with Autoshare, we thought about building it into Togethera. In the end we decided that a better user experience would be delivered through a standalone app. Another big decision was to exclude the ability to create content within Upshot. We believe that people are very happy taking photos with their native camera or Snapchat. So right now you can’t select a photo to upload or take a photo from within Upshot - you can only “post” content by turning Autoshare ON. This means you just carry on with the apps you already use and let Upshot work invisibly in the background. We’re excited about the experience and tech behind this, but what’s great is that early testing shows that people see the product as much more than a utility. They have more fun while taking photos on a night out, knowing that they’re available to everyone else, which in turns means they take more photos. This is the first iteration of the product and it’s aimed at a young audience with a socially active lifestyle. We feel that’s the biggest immediate opportunity, but we’ve built both client and backend in a way that lets us easily explore other verticals in the future. Really excited to be on PH and would love to hear you feedback.
Great App!!
Haha cool idea... DEFINITELY wouldn't have it on for my nights out 😛🍻
@bentossell that's part of the thrill :-P You do have a 3 minute buffer before a photo or video is uploaded though and you can always delete a photo/video after it's been uploaded. We also send you push notifications during an event to remind you that Autoshare is ON.
@sokratis haha part of the risk ;) Think it's a real fun idea!
Taking photos during a event, and having all of them in one place was hard. Now it's not, with Upshot. I really like the concept, because we don't have ask friends to give the photos, and we also avoid the hassle of creating an album and everything. Just create an event, and everything is inside. Now I'm just waiting for the Android version :p.
@tsunaze Hey! Glad you like the app! An Android version is on it's way :)
But in a concert, or other types of event, still really cool :)