Upscribe is a tool for building newsletter signup forms and lead generation forms that embed right into your Medium story.

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This is cool, I spotted it in the wild last week and added my first newsletter signup (with my first ever Medium referred signup!) earlier this week. Question: Have you been in contact with anyone at Medium? Is this something they approve of, or is it a slight hack on how they do things and there's potential they may shut it down? It's quite a big change for Medium to allow writers to gain value outside of its platform.
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@fredrivett thanks so much for trying Upscribe! Im so glad you like it. Very good question. Medium had to approve Upscribe so they are totally in the know and have been super supportive. They even mentioned Upscribe on three of their staff blogs in multiple languages. Really great team over there!
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@joshuaanderton Wow, super interesting that they are happy with having an external setup to collect emails from Medium posts and not integrate anything themselves. Not that either route is right or wrong, just different paths and interesting to see they're going with letting outside developer(s) create a key feature here. Can I ask what the approval process looked like? I didn't even know there was such a thing.
@fredrivett I know what you mean. I'm very excited that they're happy about it. Totally! There is a submission process to go through with (recently acquired by Medium) where each app is manually reviewed and then accepted or denied. Once accepted Medium uses the OEmbed framework to fetch custom content for the link you paste in your story (same concept as embedding a YouTube video).
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@joshuaanderton Nice, appreciate the insights here Joshua. All the best with Upscribe, you've got a user here :)
@fredrivett really appreciate that Fred, so happy to have you on board! Thanks for chatting! Will talk again soon I'm sure :)
What an incredible tool, i'm really glad I found this. All you have to do is create a form and then copy and paste it into a medium post. You can also integrate with a number of different newsletter platforms like revue and mail chimp so all of the sign ups are automatically sent there! You can see an example of what it looks like on my most recent post: (*PS Please hit that little heart button πŸ’š if you like it and if you want to keep up with whats happening in the sports tech industry I highly recommend subscribing to our newsletter! 😝)
@troy_ruediger I'm so glad you find it valuable! Really appreciate that you posted it on Product Hunt as well. Starters is such an awesome service and you all are pumping out great content. Upscribe is a tool that allows you to build totally embeddable newsletter signup forms for Medium. The mission behind Upscribe was solely to build a tool that provided true value to email marketers and writers. I have had a ton of ideas in the past but my mentality was always "if I build something awesome, people will user it!" which is - almost always - wrong. Upscribe was built AFTER getting feedback from real email marketers. Originally it was not going to be for Medium at all, but it evolved and it will continue to evolve to be whatever our fantastic users need it to be. Here are a couple of live examples of embedded Upscribe forms: Please let me know what you think of Upscribe in the comments below! Your opinion is so important to Upscribe's success. Thanks, Joshua
@troy_ruediger Huge fine, Troy, thanks!
@decision_ so glad to know your liking Upscribe so far! Thanks for the comments Erik!
I bloody love these products. Simple tools that solve one very specific need for a very specific niche. Great job guys! PS: For business model I think the form should be free and users pay to export the list. The bigger it is, the more it costs ;)
@mnlfrgr I'm so glad you feel that way! I totally agree. Eventually Upscribe may serve additional purposes but for now, being this specific means we can focus on building something actually useful. Thanks for the suggestion! My worry with charging to export is that people can already integrate a service like Mailchimp and bypass the need to export. I also feel like it makes signing on to a brand new service a little less daunting when you know you can always just export your lists if you don't like the tool. Would love to know your thoughts on that though!
@joshuaanderton Fair play. You should ask yourself: where is the value here? IMHO, people can "survive" without that tool but if it's free to use they'll use it, they'll accumulate subscribers and eventually they'll want to do something with this mailing list. You can make the integration with third parties a paid add-on because that adds value (it saves time).
@mnlfrgr I've definitely considered charging for the integration options (for all future users since our current users are used to having these features for free). I'm going to keep all this in mind (and in Trello) for when we role out the premium version in a week or so. Thanks again for your thoughts! Super helpful.
This is really awesome! I think this will allow an immense amount of value! Way to go @Joshuaanderton!
@as_austin that means a lot! Really appreciate that Austin!
@bgadoci check this out, should we try it?
@be3d would love it if you did! Thanks for checking us out :)