Introducing you to your next career move–using data science.

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Hi Product Hunters, I’m excited to share UpScored with you! I'm Elise, our CEO/Co-Founder. Dan, Robert, and I are passionate believers that making a career move shouldn’t be a painful process. We believe that better technology can open up new possibilities for people… and that anyone who wants to discover new career opportunities should have a direct, personalized path to do so. That’s why we’re announcing the launch of UpScored on Product Hunt today. We’ve built a career platform that uses data science to connect you with your best-suited job opportunities while automatically learning your career interests. We’re looking forward to your feedback and questions about UpScored. Our mission is to make sure qualified candidates are no longer lost in the noise. We’re working hard to continue making the platform better, so any new ideas and thoughts would be awesome! Thanks, Elise
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How are you using data science to better match?
Hey @haslettp, thanks for the question! The inherent problem with current talent marketplaces is that they match based on simple keywords and basic filtering. This leads to poor matching – particularly for ambiguous titles such as project manager. Both companies and candidates have to spend hours searching through irrelevant prospects. Our algorithms dig much deeper into your skills, work experience, and education to curate personalized job recommendations. First, our ​platform formulates a graded score that reflects the fit of your resume against a company’s job description. Second, the technology learns from your career interests in real-time via a Spotify-like feature by which you can like/dislike jobs. ​We trained our algorithms on over 700k resumes and millions​ ​of career moves – and we're applying natural language processing and machine learning to ​clear up the noise. Our focus is to ​use data science to ​make the matching more personalized and efficient (for both sides).
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I am looking forward to seeing what is offered in SF
Thanks @s_haverford! We'll keep you posted!
Really like the ida of using machine learning to surface better matches, I'll be telling my friends about it when you guys expand to SF!
@lnchoi awesome! Thanks a bunch, Ellen!
Got a chance to test out Upscored .. product is SLEEK!
@jonathanmoyal Thanks Jonathan! @dle481 deserves all the UI credit.
@jonathanmoyal thanks a bunch! We really appreciate it!