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UProc for Sheets is a Google Sheets free add-on to power up your data sheet if you work on Sales, Marketing, Merchant or It areas. Use our tools to clean, verify or expand data columns with new valuable columns.

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Miquel Colomer
Miquel ColomerMaker@mcolomer · CEO @ Killia Technologies, UProc
Hi people, I am Miquel Colomer, founder, and CEO of UProc, a data platform service that you can use to improve any data source. Our goal: We have created an useful add-on to improve your Google Sheets productivity providing data tools for Sales, Marketing, Marketplaces and IT professionals. You can combine your data sheet with Dux-Soup to discover any lead email, enrich company data by domain, get products by Asin, geolocate IP addresses, validate any email, generate B2B lists and more. You can use this add-on as an alternative to Hunter, FindThatLead, Kickbox, Numverify, IpLocation, JungleScout, ASINspector, ... Our work: We have developed this add-on to provide full access to all data tools available at https://app.uproc.io/app/catalog from Google Sheets. Select your profile (Sales, Marketing, Marketplaces or IT), choose field/column and select your preferred tool. Every tool has a cost per processed row (you can get free cash on signup). What We need from you: Explore and Test UProc for Sheets (SignUp confirmation is required to get credentials and fill email and apikey on add-on popup, after clicking on "Add-on" menu > "UProc for Sheets" > "Open"). Your feedback about any topic is welcome: UI related, tool issues or new tools to be added. Whatever you want. And remember "With great power comes great responsibility". Be responsible with obtained data. You will do UProc for Sheets better. Regards,
Evan Palmer
Evan Palmer@evan_palmer1 · Marketing Specialist @ Publist (BC '19)
Not only does this allow you to enrich contact database but it allows your team to do this collaboratively- making a sheets add-on was a great platform for this product.
Miquel Colomer
Miquel ColomerMaker@mcolomer · CEO @ Killia Technologies, UProc
@evan_palmer1 Thanks for your comment Evan. We agree with you. Google Sheets is a nice way to collaborate and boost any data task. Additionally, you can attach events in your sheet with Zapier. This way you can send updated records to other applications.