UProc for LinkedIn

Improve your LinkedIn account for free

UProc for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension to power up your LinkedIn account for free. Get valuable professional data from any profile (connected or not connected with you) avoiding to check multiple external sources.

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Hi guys, I am Miquel Colomer, CEO of Killia Technologies and founder of UProc, a data platform service that you can use to improve any data source (files, databases or data applications) by yourself. Our goal: We want to create a useful Chrome Extension that you can add to your browser to improve your LinkedIn account for free and get company data (email, address, phone, website, role and gender) for any LinkedIn profile. Our work: We use Growth Hacking techniques to provide related data for any profile visited with your LinkedIn account. You don't have to be connected with profile. What We need from you: Explore and Test UProc for LinkedIn (SignUp is required to get credentials to use the extension and put credentials on extension popup). Your feedback about any topic is welcome: UI related, tool issues or new capabilities to be added. Whatever you want. And remember "With great power comes great responsibility". Be responsible with obtained data. You will do UProc for LinkedIn better. Regards,
only just found this. an awesome tool (for FREE), which is great for getting email addresses and phone numbers. Great work, @mcolomer!
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@jwelch Thanks James. I hope you will find it useful.
Great job !! Hope the company knows this move by you of giving free upgrades to the profile
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush. We only show existing data on internet (google maps, google search, whois and more) in tab view. That's all ;) So this is not strictly a LinkedIn upgrade but a complementary extension to avoid accessing multiple sources outside LinkedIn making your profile browsing easier and smoother. Hope you find this tool useful. Best!
awesome tool! thank you!
@jimknutt Thanks Jim. This is just an Alpha version, so you will probably find lots of issues. Let me know if you find the white rabbit ;)
Looks good! Need to try this extension
@jimkirk28916041 Thanks Jim. Probably you will find bugs. This is an alpha version but it can be improved with your feedback. Thanks!