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Thanks for the hunt @frank_denbow! We built Upright to help other marketplace founders like us better understand the metrics and KPIs that all marketplaces need to be tracking. We make it super simple to integrate. With one click, you can hook up your Stripe account to pull in historical data and automatically pull in new data in real time. Out of the box, you'll instantly see trends and insights on 3 core marketplace metrics: GMV, Net Revenue and Take-Rate (more coming soon). Upright helped us understand our marketplace more deeply and solve our chicken and egg problem, and so we hope to help others as well! I'd love to hear your feedback on the product or just hear about your marketplace idea! Comment below!
@dylanbathurst @crystalschang Awesome stuff! Look forward to checking it out, we're developing a marketplace of sorts for our Smart Apartment Platform
@imbmills @crystalschang oh awesome! Shoot me an email at dylan at uprightmetrics. We'd love to help in any way we can.
@imbmills @dylanbathurst Thanks!! We definitely want to hear more about what you're working on!
this looks awesome. are there specific types of marketplaces that this would help?
@smalter Upright is best for transactional marketplaces where the company monetizes at the point of transaction. So it's great for sharing economy, gig economy, and used goods (think Close5/Offerup/Letgo) marketplaces.
@dylanbathurst looks useful Dylan, I know some founders in need. I'll point them your way.
@kbclauson hey there, thanks! Please send them my way. I'd love to help them out. dylan at uprightmetrics
Why you? Why now?
@thomasknoll Alex, Crystal, and I have all had this pain when we were starting our own marketplace startups. We ended up selling our company to eBay and building tools like this in-house, but all of our friends that were starting marketplaces were having the same problems we did. So we quit ebay 2 months ago and have been hacking away since! Over the last 6 years working in the marketplace space, I've seen an explosion in people starting marketplace companies. Mobile has been a huge driver for the sharing economy as well as reputation systems have become better/easier making people more comfortable to try out new marketplaces like fiverr and many others.
Pick axes in a gold rush.... nice.
I see a product image in the pulse tab... are there api's to pass in more data beyond the stripe connection?
@thomasknoll Yeah, similar to other tools you can easily send us meta-data about your transactions and users to customize the views.