2 weeks. 100+ speakers. 100% free to watch.

Learn from amazing companies like Groove, AppSumo, HelpDocs, Baremetrics and GoSquared as well as people like Ash Maurya and Brennan Dunn.

This is an ambitious project to bring the very best people together to share their knowledge.

The content is being recorded live in a conference format, but will remain available afterwards on the platform.

  • Marilyn Devonish
    Marilyn DevonishThe NeuroSuccess Coach, TranceFormations

    I love MissingLettr. It's a fabulous way to syndicate your Blog content throughout the year and give them more traction & new lease of life


    There was a tiny Facebook authorisation issue a few months ago which is resolved. I'm totally happy with this software.

    I've been using MissingLettr for several months now. I enjoy the quirky 'progress' messages which really do remind you about the power of 30 seconds in terms of being able to increase your reach with re-existing content.

    I'm also delighted to have been invited by MissingLettr to Speak at their Uppercase event, and I would have written this same review regardless of that fact.

    Great product and I highly recommend it if you do any kind of Blogging.

    Marilyn Devonish has used this product for one month.
  • Audrey S. Arnold
    Audrey S. ArnoldHealth & Biz Cataliser, AudreySArnold

    I love MissingLettr & how they're always innovating to help their tribe grow, while learning best practices and simplifying the way we work.


    A lot of speakers (100+) are being presented, so perhaps you don't have time to listen to all of them live on the day they speak.

    I've been using MissingLettr now for over a year and absolutely love it. It's one of the few tools I use to automate my business and that I recommend to my clients who book a business automation session with me. I absolutely love how caring they are, how they want to uplevel the way they help their customers, but also help their customers get more visibility and go broader. This is what Uppercase is about, and I'm really proud to be part of the amazing line up of speakers who will be presenting. I'm very much looking forward to listening in on the talks as well.

    Audrey S. Arnold has used this product for one year.
Hi. Ben here the creator behind Uppercase. Uppercase started out as a simple idea where we would bring one or two experts together to share their knowledge with our Missinglettr customers. The interest we received over the first couple of days was incredible and so I thought hey, why not up the stakes here a little ;) I looked around at the general virtual / online summit space and noticed a few things: - They would typically be small scale by design - with 3-5 speakers on average - The design (and therefore attendee interactivity and engagement) was terrible. With basic Wordpress templates often being utilised. - The nature of the event too closely mimicked that of a physical, real world conference. This all seemed to be missing out on an opportunity. An opportunity to re-invent how conferences can be delivered online, how experts can be brought together to share their knowledge and how engagement with attendees can be improved. Uppercase quickly evolved into a 2 week online conference, with over 100 experts and notable brands sharing their knowledge. BUT - crucially, this is not just another online conference. The conference is just a way to get the content recorded and produced. Beyond the conference, Uppercase will become a long term online resource for actionable, insights for startups, entrepreneurs and marketers. Think a more TED but for the smaller, leaner, startup looking for more actionable tactics and strategies. I hope you like what we've created. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Ben
@bendell I am so looking forward to speaking at this event! But when I saw the line up, I'm even more excited to attend some of the talks! Special shout out to Camille; you guys rock!
Really looking forward to speaking at this, but also to learn from all the other awesome folks who will be sharing their wisdom. Major props to Ben and his team for organising what looks to be a really inspiring online event!
Super excited to speak there next month! Kudos to the team.
Same here, very excited to speak next month. Very cool to see 100% online live summits emerge.
What Ben and team are putting together is remarkable, I’ve really not seen anything like it. I’m super excited to share what I’ve learnt in launching over a dozen side projects here on PH. Interested in hearing how @mikeaag & I shipped zero side projects in our first 5 years working on them, to shipping over a dozen in the next 5? This talk’s for you 👉 https://missinglettr.com/upperca...