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Upmetrics.co is a startup planning platform, it provides tools to help entrepreneurs to plan their business startups. Build a solid business plan with accurate financial projections and share with investors, mentors, friend and colleagues.

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I saw a cool value behind the product however, business plans are getting behind in a world changing faster and all the time. Do you guys, from Adapti, see integrating visual tools such as the lean canvas, customer roadmap and other planning tools for us, the users, to map different topics about our businesses and also track them through the time? *There are very interesting visual tools you could integrate in your platform, not just the traditional business plan, in this book: http://designabetterbusiness.com If you need any help/feedback, just contact me :)
@renatorotsztejn , Renato thank you so much! Really grateful for your nice words and support! will defiantly get back to you.
will definetely try this one
@orhanbayram thanks a lot, as compared to our rivals, we are providing a lot more free perks.
I’m going to try this out. What makes this free?
@aafable Hey Aurora, We are in beta and we are providing now all three main tools 1. business plan editor 2. financial modeling and 3. Pinboard (a bookmarking tool) as free resources to use for our potential users.
Looks similar to Liveplan. What is the main point of difference?
@a12rj Hey Anthony, With Upmetrics our main points of differentiation are our intuitive and fast to use interface to write a business plan and to define a financial models, Once you signup your will find the UI/UX are very modern and real-time. In finance modeling we have shifted spreadsheet on a web so they are accessible from anywhere and they are very flexible to customize to achieve various financial scenarios where liveplan has some limitations to define some financial scenarios. A business plan editor is very customization as compare to our rivals. Apart from that we are going to publish ready to use plan templates for various industries(one has already published) user can choose one while setting up a business profile and can start editing into it(including financial plan data) so they doesn't have to write everything from scratch. We called Upmetrics a business planning platform, because we designed it like that so in future we can keep adding new applications(i.e. plan editor, financial modeling, pin board) into our planning platform, in our road map we will publish two more in near future 1. mentor discussion board and 2. web research tool for market research.